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Grieving family wants to know if another driver was involved in fatal crash — and left scene

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(Photo: Marysville Police Dept.)

The driver killed in the Marysville crash -- Alex Bizyayev (Photo courtesy of family)

The driver killed in the Marysville crash — Alex Bizyayev (Photo courtesy of family)

MARYSVILLE – New details are emerging about the driver who died in a violent car crash in Marysville early Tuesday morning.

The driver’s family says 22-year-old Alex Bizyayev died just five minutes from his home.

Police think Bizyayev and another driver may have been racing along Smokey Point Boulevard before the wreck.

Cars were Alex’s passion: His family says he worked tirelessly on his blue Honda Accord. But in the early hours on Tuesday, the 22-year-old crashed into a light pole – police believe he may have been racing with another driver.

“We have spoken to one witness who indicates that there was a race going on prior to the vehicle colliding,” said Cmdr. Robb Lamoureux of the Marysville Police Department, “At this point we have one vehicle, we’re looking for a second vehicle.”

Police say the other driver may have fled the scene. Alex’s family is pleading for that person to come forward.

“He was either racing or trying to pass, and whatever happened, I want what happened to be known,” said Alex’s sister, Yelena Bizyayeva.

“He definitely loved children,” Yelena said of her brother. “He’d have done anything for his nieces.”

Alex’s parents and siblings left flowers and balloons at the crash site.

“The guy should have stopped and at least called before he kept going,” said Yelena.

An autopsy and toxicology exam is scheduled.

Alex's family is pleading for justice.

“All I want is for him to be caught,” Yelena of the suspected other driver.

Investigators are asking tipsters to call detectives at 360-363-8350.

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  • Tina Heinle

    be caught? he isn’t to blame for a wreck in where is voluntarily racing another car. seriously…..dude should have known better. you take your life in your own hands.
    I feel bad for the family…..but they shouldn’t be blaming this on the other racer.

    • Ken Christensen

      They have to blame someone for their kind, innocent, loving son’s death. This is exactly what’s wrong with our society today, no one takes responsibility for their own actions. This is a fine example of “Bad Parenting”

  • Ken Christensen

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for jack ass’s that race on public roadways. I used to race demolition with my father in my teens and that’s where you race, on a race track with racing equipment with rules to follow. These teens with no brain cells to think past the next three minutes or three feet in front of their noses install nitrous in vehicles that are intended for travel, not speed. It takes nitrous over 30 seconds to clear out of the system and the roads are not designed for high speeds period. So guess what? You wrap your precious car around a pole. I rather see them kill themselves then take an innocent person/people with them. As far as I’m concerned pricks like this are selfish assholes and don’t belong on the road period.

    • rayahnna evans

      alex was my ex and he was led on to a race cause he called me couple hours prior to his death and they will blame the other drver cause if it wernt for that guy to try racing him then he would be alive all i know it was a guy cause he texted me sayiong their was a guy trying to race him and it is an accord because he had a later version of an accord so get your vehicles right and i love and miss him everyday that weekened he was supposed to come to me but this tragic accident happend so ken you have no say in this unless you did it so stop talking crap and grow up we want to know who the suspect is because this is stupid for the guy to do something like this.