Teenage student recovering after brutal school attack

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mountlakeMOUNTLAKE TERRACE — A 16-year-old Mountlake Terrace High School student is recovering after an attack in a restroom at school.

“I went into the bathroom, there was blood everywhere,” said student Jake Gaskill.

A student was attacked inside the men’s room, punched so hard it could be weeks before he returns to class.

“Things like this really shake you,” Mountlake Terrace High School Principal Greg Schwab said.

Schwab described the victim as a good student with a learning disability.

Tuesday’s beating left the teen with a broken jaw, missing tooth and cuts to his face.  The 16-year-old was rushed to the hospital for surgery.

“An assault like this, when it is purely an attack that results in a serious injury, I can say in my 25 years this is the first time that has ever happened,” said Schwab.

The boy’s wallet was allegedly taken in the attack but later recovered.

“From what I’ve heard, he buys his friends lunches if they don’t have money,” student Amanda Holthusen said of the victim.

The alleged attacker, 18-year-old senior Darian Sharpe, was arrested and charged with assault and robbery. He  was immediately expelled from school.

Several students said they don’t know why the senior may have targeted a younger student he didn’t know.

“You would like to think this is a safe school. It really makes you question that, I can understand that. They (parents) are asking, Are my kids safe? I can ensure them that they are,” said Schwab.

In the wake of the attack, the principal also had a message for his students.

“Kids in this school knew this was going to happen, I really believe that. I believe they had foreknowledge of that. We are always encouraging our students when they have information like this to come and let somebody know because we could have possibly prevented it,” said Schwab.

Kurt Guihan, a friend of the victim, said the school is coming together to help with the victim’s recovery.

“He is a nice kid. Everyone is getting ready to donate. We haven’t donated yet but we are gathering money,” said Guihan.

Many students and the principal say a violent attack like this is rare at Mountlake Terrace High.  The principal sent out letters to parents, hoping to mitigate their concerns, and he is encouraging anyone with information to come forward. The school is also investigating to see if any other students were involved.

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  • Anjell

    you put that the wallet was recovered, but where was it found? It's terrible this happened, but if it wasn't found on the alleged assailant then i can believe that the kid who was robbed may have been the one to start the fight. The wallet could have been taken earlier, which may have been the reason the supposed victim would have lashed out if it was him instead, or it could be unrelated. I'm not willing to accept that the supposed victim was one merely because he's handicapped. I know many handicapped people, because of their lack of control, can become aggresive and violent.

    • ABel nigussu

      you dont handle a student with a learning disability by breaking his jaw and his tooth and knocking him out, you take yourself out of the situation. Its common sense what happened, a 16 year old student with a disabiltiy wouldnt beat up an 18 year old and you certainly wouldnt rettaliate like that

    • Michelle

      I know the victim he is not at all violent and would never have started the fight. He is a sweet kid. He takes money to school to buy other kids lunch when they don't have money. He is also not handicapped or retarded he has a learning disability. So "lack of control" is not an issue for him. Not to mention he is 16 and the attacker is 18. At 18 you are an adult so any physical abuse on a minor is against the law!

    • Alexis

      I go to Mountlake Terrace HS and I know the student who was attacked. He doesn't appear to be disabled and learning that he was shocked me. I highly doubt that the victim wouldn't start anything with Darian because he is very intimidating and he has a reputation at my school.

    • Fed-up

      So, knowing nothing about the situation except what you read in this article, you immediately jump to, 'The handicapped kid provoked the fight.' Let me guess, you would have also dropped the race card except that it wasn't mentioned what races the students were…

  • Abel Nigussu

    @Anjell are you stupid? you dont handle a student with a learning disability by breaking his jaw and his tooth and knocking him out, you take yourself out of the situation. Its common sense what happened, a 16 year old student with a disabiltiy wouldnt beat up an 18 year old and you certainly wouldnt rettaliate like that

  • bigdelite

    Public caning in front of the high school, invite the community to watch. Kids need to be aware there are consequences to their abhorrent behavior. You can’t even begin to believe this was a self defense situation, It is pretty obvious this 18 year old delinquent saw that this kid had money and wanted it for himself.

  • Aaron

    You know everyone has their own opinions, yes Darian was at the scene when it happened but there is so many stories out and about so its hard to believe which story could be true. first it was said he didnt do it then it was said three people tryed to attack him, and of course everyone knows the story about the knife and i for one dont believe that this is true i know Darian and yes he may sometimes be some what i guess called "sketchy" but i know from personal experience and Darian had no reason to attack Jose. I support both sides but there needs to be more evidence and thought put into it.

  • Respect Others

    @Anjell – What I believe is that you are truly an idiot and your comments are absolutely ridiculous. You may know people that have disabilities, but obviously you don't have any understanding or compassion for them. Who cares what you will or won't accept – disabled or not – a student was violently beaten and his life will never be the same after this ordeal. It's sad and insane that we live in a world where students can't be safe in school. Keep your pathetic thoughts to yourself if you can't at least be logical and considerate!

  • Unsafe Schools

    Absolutley pathetic, that you send your kids to school thinking they will be safe, but then you get idiot losers like the suspect, who thinks he is some tough guy. On top of that, it sounds like the principal Greg Schwab, is throwing his studens under the bus, making a comment that he beleives the students new this was ogin to happen. The staff should have also been aware, because a punk like the suspect, I am sure has some kind of history of assault or bullying of some sort.

  • Randy

    yet another shining reason my daughter goes to a private school … public schools, and the waste of my tax money ( which i have NO control over ) are a pathetic joke.

  • Former Student

    Mountlake Terrace has been known as a safe haven for many students including myself. School officials are not omnipotent and cant predict everything, they are responding accordingly and my prays go out to the victim for this horrid attack.

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