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Meet Claudie! #WhyNotMePets

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Claudie is a playful kitty who has been wanting a forever family for a long time.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Claudie get adopted.

You can meet her at Seattle Area Feline Rescue.

Claudie is almost 3-years-old. She came to the Pacific Northwest from California.

“There isn’t anybody missing her in California,” said Shelley Lawson, the Development and Communications Director at the rescue. “She’s been homeless for a long time, so she was able to come up to us to make space for kitties who are trying to be reunited with their families. It’s a way that we can help with the disaster there but then also help give her a second chance and she’s pretty excited to be here and find a family.”

Claudie loves attention and wants to help out in any way she can.

Lawson said they always get a helping hand when they are cleaning Claudie's cage or getting her breakfast.

She's also super friendly and would adapt well to any type of home.

"She's just the nicest kitty," said Lawson. "Even the vets when she's been at check-ups have said that she's just so sweet. She purrs and makes biscuits the whole time, so we think she's going to make somebody really, really happy and just a wonderful companion."

Claudie has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or F.I.V. , but shelter staff hope she isn't overlooked because of that.

"It means that she has an immune condition," said Lawson. "Cats with F.I.V. can live, long healthy lives. They need to stay indoors and have regular vet check-ups, but beyond that the most common cause of death in F.I.V. positive cats is old age, so Claudie has many, many happy health years to give."

Lawson said F.I.V. sounds scary, but it's not as a big a deal as people may think.

All Claudie wants is a home with someone to love her.

If you would like to meet Claudie or learn more about her, stop by Seattle Area Feline Rescue in Shoreline. You can also email the rescue at

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