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Healthy Living: Opioid concerns, the role of doctors prescribing the drugs

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Oxycodone is the generic name for a range of opoid pain killing tablets. Prescription bottle for Oxycodone tablets and pills on wooden table for opioid epidemic illustration

In this week’s “Healthy Living” semgnet, Marni Hughes focuses on the role of doctors in prescribing opioids.

As you know, the opioid epidemic has been impacting communities and families nationwide. Dr. Mike Hooten with the Mayo Clinic says there are times when prescribing opioids is safe and times when it puts the patient (and others) at risk.

Dr. Hooten says the medical community needs to take all factors into consideration when coming up with a patient plan, including substance abuse and family history of addiction, environment and stress. He also says it’s important doctors and patients share a goal of managing pain and not eliminating pain.

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