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Theater terror suspect: Help ID threatening, hammer-wielding moviegoer

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If you are like me, you are extra-cautious every time you go to the movie after mass shootings like the one in Aurora, Colorado in 2012, so when I heard about what happened in Bremerton last weekend when a man pulled out a hammer and started threatening to kill everyone, I felt terrible for all those moviegoers and staff.

Surveillance video shows the suspect using the hammer to smash out the glass in the ticket booth.

Bremerton Police are trying to identify him, fortunately as he walks down the hall, the camera got a pretty good shot of his face

Detectives say the guy was irate and turned a pleasant evening at the movies into terror.

In the movie, The Quiet Place, silence is survival and there is one rule: Never make a sound. But, detectives say the suspect continually broke that rule, disrupting fellow moviegoers by talking loudly at SEEfilm Cinema Sunday night. “With that one, you have to be quiet because the whole movie is quiet,” said the theatre’s General Manager, Julie Stitt. When customers complained, staff asked him to leave and that’s when they say he pulled a hammer out of his bag and told them, ‘You are lucky I don’t have a gun with me right now, or you would all be dead.’ Stitt says, “He threatened my family, my customers. Those are my family and that’s what hurts the most.”

As the suspect left, surveillance video shows him smashing the glass on the ticket booth, causing $5,000 in damage, but leaving some evidence behind. “We learned that there was actually a blood trail from where the window was broken and a detective followed that trail for a good distance, it appeared he walked quite a ways and there was actually places he stopped and the blood began to pool where it was dripping and ultimately that trail ended and the man had just vanished,” said Bremerton Police Sgt. Aaron Elton.

Investigators are hoping the pictures and video helps somebody identify the suspect. The staff says they've never seen him before and don't think he's local.

He said that he was a former military member. “The man paid with cash and that he did present what appeared to be a military ID card. We don`t know if it was an active military card, or retired military ID card, or a dependent ID card,” said Sgt. Elton.

Police are very concerned about how irate and violent he became. They’re investigating him for harassment and malicious mischief.

Witnesses say he had a beard, even though it doesn't show up well in the video.

He's white, in his 40's, 6 feet tall, wearing a red windbreaker, gray or black shorts and carrying a green bag that he had that hammer in.

If you can identify him, Crime Stoppers will pay you a cash reward of up to $1,000. Call the hot line at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477), or use the P3 Tips App on your phone.

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