Sheriff to announce ‘recent developments’ in mysterious Lindsey Baum case

MCCLEARY, Wash. -- Detectives plan to announce new developments in the case of Lindsey Baum, a 10-year girl who disappeared nearly a decade ago.

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office is holding a news conference at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

In June of 2009, Lindsey went missing while walking home from a friend's house in McCleary, a small town of 1,500 people west of Olympia.

"Full of life, from the day she was born, we used to tease her that she came out of the womb talking," said her mother Melissa Baum. "She was just active, bright, happy, 10-year-old little girl waiting for her 11th birthday."

For Melissa, it has been years of suffering, crying, praying and wondering about what happened to her daughter. She says she’s never given up hope.

“I’m just very convinced my daughter is alive. I’m aware of the possibilities, but I have always believed that — that she’s alive and she’s going to come home,” Baum said during a 2013 interview.


Investigators have released a digitally enhanced photo of how Lindsey might look today.

“Seeing the age progression is a reminder of how much time we’ve missed and how much she’s changed,” Baum said.

Q13 News will stream the press conference live at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.