Local theatre company welcomes people with autism or sensory disorders

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Children on the autism spectrum can behave in ways that are not predictable which often means families have to skip out on activities.

A local theatre company decided the arts is something no family should have to miss because of autism or any other social or sensory disorders.

The Storybook Theatre on the Eastside puts on plays all around the greater Seattle area. The plays about human relationships between people who have a sensory disorder and those who do not.

These sensory-friendly productions of classic storybook plays like Pinocchio and Rapunzel are tailored just for these kids to feel welcome, be themselves and enjoy a good show.

"We can adjust things like lights, we can adjust sound, we can adjust how much the actors are 'being really big and surprising' or giving audience members a heads up like “wahh I’m really exciting now!” said Abby Duke Eagleson, actress, teacher and language pathologist.

During the show kids are able to use tablets, talk with parents and even get up and walk around.

The Storybook Theatre says the arts are important for all children to experience -- even if it's in a non-traditional way.

Two more sensory-friendly productions are on the way! Rapunzel is on April 21 in Renton and April 29 in Kirkland.