Two Seattle officers violated force policies when they fired at fleeing stolen car, probe finds

SEATTLE (AP) — A Seattle Police Department internal investigation says two officers violated policies when they fired a barrage of gunshots that injured the driver and passenger of a stolen car fleeing an Eastlake alley in October.

The Seattle Times reported Friday that the Office of Police Accountability recommended that allegations regarding excessive use of force, use of deadly force on a fleeing person and firing weapons at a moving vehicle be sustained.

The accountability office's civilian director, Andrew Myerberg, says the officers' chain of command agreed with the findings, which were jointly submitted to Interim Police Chief Carmen Best for a final decision and any potential disciplinary action.

Neither officer was named by the accountability office, but the department previously identified them as Officer Kenneth Martin and Officer Tabitha Sexton.

They will be given the opportunity to meet with the chief before a decision is reached.