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Two fitness studios targeted for theft by same woman in 2 weeks?

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EVERETT, Wash. – First, she was dressed to do yoga.  A week later, she looked like a fitness instructor at a specialized gym.

Now, Everett police and Seattle police are looking for potentially the same woman who stole from unsuspecting gym members at two different studios in just two weeks.

The woman seen in surveillance video from OrangeTheory Fitness Mill Creek gym, at 12902 Bothell Everett Highway in Everett, was wearing an OrangeTheory Fitness shirt, hoping to fit in.  A Seattle woman says that shirt belongs to her and the suspect stole it, along with her purse and car, after pretending to be interested in taking a yoga class at a Seattle studio last week.

Burning some calories and working up a sweat at OrangeTheory Fitness Mill Creek is where staff call the gym a family.

“She walked through the door. She was in her workout gear. She was in OrangeTheory tank top. She was on the phone, she was talking to her mom,” said OrangeTheory front desk clerk Barbie Young.

The woman wasn’t a regular but a common thief allegedly rummaging through lockers and snatching purses.

“She was walking down the hallway and apparently saw a purse in here, turned back in, got the purse, came out and then she went into the bathroom,” said Young.

“That’s her.  Immediately, I thought, that’s her,” said theft victim Shea Norton.

In the surveillance video, Norton says, she spotted the same woman who stole from her last week.

“Leggings, yoga, mat, little jacket on,” said Norton.

That’s what she says this woman was wearing last week when she stole her wallet, keys, and car while at a yoga studio in Seattle's Green Lake area.

“We’ve found someone who’s in a bind morally and financially and just doesn’t care for anybody’s security, anybody’s personal belongings,” said Norton.

Tuesday night, Norton believes the same thief showed up at OrangeTheory Fitness Mill Creek wearing her shirt.  Unlike at the yoga studio, OrangeTheory staff, including Young, confronted the woman before she took off.  The suspect made away with wallets and keys.

“She had gone outside and I had gone after her,” said Young.

Just outside was a getaway car, making everyone believe she’s part of an orchestrated team.

“She had people there like a bailout plan. So she’s got people behind her back,” said Norton.

A group of willing accomplices at yoga and at OrangeTheory Fitness.  Whether this OrangeTheory theft was a crime of opportunity or a plot to hit up unsuspecting studios, Young says…

“I hope she gets caught,."

Norton believes the security video will do the trick.

“Somebody knows her. Somebody’s gonna see that Acura and see that Mercedes and put it together. Now we’re going to get them,” said Norton.

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