We finally hit 60 degrees after 143 days! Hold on to that memory…

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SEATTLE — The Puget Sound region finally hit 60 degrees on Tuesday, for the first time since Nov. 11, 2016.

That’s right, 143 days since we’ve been that warm here.

“It felt down right balmy today!” said one commenter on the Q13 News Facebook page.

“I’m going to go live someplace where this isn’t news,” wrote Laurin.

“It literally is cold and rainy for like 9 months haha,” said Casey.

But the 60-degree mark didn’t mean much to Berni.

“But where was the sun!” she wrote. “Must have missed it! You have to be bred strong to live here!”

Hold onto those memories of the sun, Berni. Because, according to Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley, Wednesday will be wet for the morning commute and Wednesday afternoon will have passing showers.

“Thursday will have more sun breaks but isolated thunderstorms will roll through from time to time,” Kelley said. “Friday and Saturday will have ‘sun and hail’ and cooler temperatures. This weekend will have highs running 10 degrees below normal with some snow on the passes.”

So hold onto those “warm” memories, folks.






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