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Second man pleads guilty to murdering 89-year-old Silverdale man during robbery

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The body of Robert Archie Hood, 89, of the Silverdale area, was found in a plastic barrel behind a home in Mason County in December 2015.

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. (AP) — A 27-year-old man pleaded guilty Tuesday to murder and two lesser crimes in the December robbery and killing of 89-year-old Robert Hood.

The Kitsap Sun reports (https://goo.gl/wKsD5I ) Joshua Rodgers-Jones, alleged to have robbed Hood with Robert Pry, could be sentenced to over 37 years in prison.

Investigators allege the group of meth users believed Hood had about $1 million saved in bank accounts.

Prosecutors believe Rodgers-Jones and Pry beat Hood and left him tied up while going to smoke meth and attempting to steal from Hood’s bank accounts.

Hood’s body was found by authorities in a plastic barrel in north Mason County.

Pry has been sentenced to nearly 80 years in prison.

Robert Davis, convicted of identity theft in the case, got over 8 years in prison. Arnold Cruz was convicted of rendering criminal assistance and removal or concealment of a body and received a 12 ½-year sentence.

The trial of the last defendant in the case — Pry’s sister, Shawna Dudley Pry, charged with accomplice to murder — is expected to begin later this year.