What was that bright streak in the sky this morning over Western Washington?

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SEATTLE -- We've been getting messages from viewers across Western Washington all morning asking what was that flash in the sky?

Q13 Meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson called the National Weather Service and verified that there was no lightning in Western Washington early Friday. The NWS said the nearest lightning strikes were in British Columbia over Vancouver Island.

So what was the flash? It appears it could have been a meteor or space debris.

"I saw is at 4:35 this morning. It came angling down right over Hwy 410 in Sumner 'til it got over the trees," said Q13 viewer Janine.

"I saw a bright light a bit to the right. It was a fireball that went from my right to left... at about a 45 degree angle of flight down. It was spotted at about 30-40 degrees above the horizon, was blueish-green, with a very bright yellow ball. The tail was mainly sparks, with a "halo" around the ball itself," wrote Q13 viewer Paul.

According to the American Meteor Society, very fast-moving meteors tend to appear blue-green, so it's very likely it was a meteor.