Tacoma man creates front yard monument to remember 5 fallen marines who rescued his son

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TACOMA - Hundreds of people honored their loved ones at Tahoma National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

But you don’t have to be in a cemetery to show gratitude, one Tacoma man honoring the fallen heroes on his front yard.

Every morning David Sanbeck recites the names of five fallen marines.

“They were 19 and 20 they were just boys,” David says.

Heroes who are now remembered on a monument David created outside his Tacoma home.

“It could be my boy on that list because of them he’s not on that list,” David said.

His son Benjamin is still dealing with the battle wounds from Iraq. A grenade injured his leg in 2005.

“I took that grenade to my lower extremities,” Benjamin said.

That same grenade killed his best friend Joshua Ware. Insurgents were waiting for their team as they entered a building.

“It blew me in one room and him into another room,” Benjamin said.

The marines were stranded behind enemy lines, they were also outnumbered by the insurgents but that didn’t stop the other marines from coming in to save Benjamin.

“Marines don’t leave anyone behind, they were coming and they were going to get him and so they do, there are 17 bad guys in there baiting them,” Benjamin said.

Lt. Donald McGlothin jumped on a grenade to save the men behind him. Lance Corporal John Lucente, Jeffery Rogers and Roger Deeds all killed trying to get to Benjamin.

“To have the bravery and courage to even dream about running 200 yards to cross to get to me,” Benjamin said.

Lance Corporal Josh Mooi is the one to finally pull Benjamin out. Mooi survived.But 5 of the 6 marines who risked their lives died that day.

“You don’t want to forget but then it hurts every time you remember,” Benjamin said.

For the Sanbeck’s every day is Memorial Day.

“I’ve said my condolences “I’ve said sorry but there is nothing I can do to one bring their son back and even show my gratitude,” Benjamin said.

David says even if you don’t know the struggles first hand, he hopes everyone will take 5 minutes to appreciate the sacrifices made by the men and women who died serving our country.