Shot-firing armed robber: NEW VIDEO shows suspect’s face who robbed clerk at gunpoint, let bullet fly near his head

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fifefife tat 2fife tat1FUGITIVE UPDATE May 27, 2016 —
New surveillance video from a business near the gas station the armed robber hit on Pacific Highway S. gives us great looks at his face as he prepared for his frightening crime.

“A neighboring business had video of the guy, about 20 minutes before he actually entered the store,” says Fife Police Det. Sgt. Tom Thompson. “He’s milling around there for quite awhile, sitting on the picnic table, looking around, we’re thinking that maybe he was, perhaps, thinking about burglarizing the place, it’s hard to say exactly what his intentions were, but we got pretty good video of him and what you’ll see in the video is he does go up to the business, he checks, looking around and what’s significant is that when he does look at the camera you can tell two things: You can see that he has tattoos on his neck. And what he believe, we can see in the video there is that he has some script writing on the right side of his neck and then what we believe is a star on the left side of his neck.”

You can also see he has a tattoo on the back of his left hand. Detectives say that's a really rare spot to be inked, so they hope that's a big clue -- along with seeing his face -- that can have you identifying him.

He wore a brand new Oakland Raiders ball cap and a black sweatshirt that said ‘Foothill Mustangs’ -- the name of a high school in Sacramento, California.

If you can tell Fife detectives his name, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.

A terrifying armed robbery in Fife is was caught on camera last week on Friday, April 15th, around midnight.

The robber walked into a gas station on Pacific Highway South, pulled a Tec-9 semi-automatic gun and demanded money.

He's pointing the gun at the clerk and you can hear him yelling at him in the video, demanding he open up the register - then he slams his hand down on it, damaging it so badly it won't open up. "He's obviously irritated by that, highly agitated, he takes his gun, fires a round near the clerk's head, but he shoots at the wall. He tells the clerk, ‘I’m not playing around with you. I'll kill you. You better get this thing open," describes Fife Police Det. Sgt. Tom Thompson. But, the clerk can't get the register open. The guy gets more upset and when a car pulls up to the gas pump and a customer starts walking in the robber sees him and takes off.

He was wearing a brand new Oakland Raiders hat and a black sweatshirt that said ‘Foothill Mustangs’ -- the name of a high school in Sacramento, California.