Arts and crafts crooks: Help Puyallup Police identify crew of ladies caught on camera stealing expensive Michaels merchandise

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It seems people will steal anything these days — even arts and crafts!

Puyallup Police are hoping you can identify a trio of suspects who calmly ripped off a store in the middle of the day.

Watch the video as the three women walk into the Michaels store in Puyallup.

They each carried a large bag on their shoulder. One grabbed a shopping cart and then they headed for the fine arts aisle. “They went after Prismacolor products, which are a high-end coloring set and marker set,” said store manager, Vic Weston. “Essentially, any case that was $30 to $40 and above, grabbing them by the handful, sticking them into the bag.”

Detectives say they were looking to steal about $1,500 worth of pens, pencils and paint sets.

They even somewhat bumped another customer out of the way as they tried to grab what they wanted. Weston adds, “They also loaded up a shopping cart and pushed that to the front where they were approached by a team member, left the cart and then they left the building.”

But police say their bags were filled with stolen stuff. “I`ve spoken to the management at Michaels and they said these ladies have also done this throughout Pierce County and some into King County,” said Puyallup Det. Don Bourbon. “So, it`s not only this store they`re hitting, it`s several stores and definitely takes a lot of guts to walk into a store and load up merchandise and just walk out.”

Detectives are hoping someone can identify them.

Michaels is a family-oriented store. A place where people come to get inspired. It's not supposed to be a place where people come to steal.

Det. Bourbon adds, "We want to speak to these ladies pretty bad. They have done this throughout other parts of the county, so they are putting a burden on the companies, the businesses and the other citizens who are shopping at those locations.”

If you recognize them, call an anonymous tip into:

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