Seattle Police arrest two suspects in 2015 South Park murder

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Emanuel Jaime-Rodriguez

CAPTURE UPDATE April 28, 2016 —
Seattle Police say Emanuel Jaime-Rodriguez was arrested on Thursday evening.

FUGITIVE UPDATE April 28, 2016 —
Seattle Police are searching for 20 year old Emanuel Jaime-Rodriguez in connection with the murder of Celina Peterson.

Peterson was found in an alley in the South Park neighborhood on February 15th, 2015.

Detectives say a second suspect, a 24 year old man, was arrested Thursday following an exhaustive investigation by Seattle Police homicide detectives. He was arrested after leaving a home in the South Park neighborhood and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Homicide

If you know where Jaime-Rodriguez is hiding, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Your information could lead to a $1,000 cash reward and you will remain anonymous.

KILLERS WANTED IN SEATTLE February 5, 2016 --  
New video released by Seattle Police shows a woman's last moments before she was murdered -- and the men she was with who detectives are hoping you can help identify.

The killing happened one year ago this month.

“She was really, I would have to say precious. I think that people took advantage of that,” says Celeste Peterson, talking about one of her youngest daughters, 27-year-old Celina Peterson who was murdered last February.  “She tried to befriend people who weren’t so lovely, and she was just a really kind hearted person,” Peterson continued.

A video was taken on February 15th, 2015 that shows a man walking with Celina on Cloverdale street in South Park. This was the last time she was seen alive and police want to talk to the man who was with her. Detective Jason Kasner with Seattle police is leading the investigation and says, “We have leads and we’ve talked to lots of people. I don’t have any names. We have evidence that we’ve collected that we’re not going to disclose, but right now we’d like to talk to these gentlemen because quite frankly, they could be witnesses and we would like to get some information from them.”

The other men he’s talking about are three others also seen on the video that night. Detective Kasner believes they all know each other and wants your help to find them. Kasner explains, “We see the gentlemen with the baggy pants and black jacket. It looks, what looks like a white patch on the back of the jacket.”

And in looking at the other three, one man is very short- about 5feet 6 inches tall with a possible “rat tail” in the back of his head. Another man seen on the video is tall, likely a Pacific Islander with very big hair. Detective Kasner has been working for months to find the identities of these men. Kasner says,  “I think it’s important as a community; I wouldn’t want this in my community, and I hope that somebody comes forward and says we know who these people are because obviously their still out there.”

In the meantime, just feet from where Celina was murdered is a make shift memorial on 12th and Cloverdale. It’s evidence that she was loved by her community as well as her family. Peterson adds, “She was a apart of a family that really loved her very much.” And that family wants answers, including Celina’s sister, Jessica Patterson. “Whoever did this needs to be off the streets because you don’t know who you’re walking next too,” Peterson says. “You don’t know who you’re talking too. it’s just really scary that whoever took your sister’s life could be sitting next to you on the bus.” Peterson adds, “I don’t hate the person the person that took her life. I don’t have any hates towards them, but they took my daughter’s life and they also took my hope. Tc 6.19.18 “It’s not just taking her life away from her, it’s all of us suffering from her being gone.”

If you know anything about the murder of Celina Peterson or can help police identify the men in the video, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Your information could lead to a $1,000 cash reward and you will remain anonymous.parella 2