Should Seattle consider internet plea for men to stop wearing cargo shorts?

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SEATTLE --  The results are in from an informal newsroom poll at Q13FOX.

"Anyone under 30 says NO WAY to cargo shorts," said Travis Mayfield.  "Me and everyone else over 30 said...why not?!"

Buzzfeed staff writer Pablo Valdivia is having none of it.

"Dear Men, Please Stop Wearing Cargo Shorts," headlines the story Valdiva published on the viral news site Sunday.

Describing the pocketed (short) pants as a 'plague' and an 'infection' that we 'must finally kill.'

"This is not a drill," writes Valdiva.

So what should we wear in this Seattle heat?


and these.

Maybe even these if we are brave.

Since this IS Seattle after all, maybe we could just compromise here?