Cops offer ‘free service’ to drug dealers feeling the heat from competitors

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DARIEN, Ga. -- A Georgia county sheriff is offering a seemingly simple business proposal to drug dealers.

Tired of your competition? Tell on them!

In an add placed in the Darien News, a paper with a circulation of about 2,800 in rural Georgia, McIntosh County sheriff's deputies hope dealers will give up the names, phone numbers and addresses of their competitors.

No, it's not a joke, McIntosh County Sheriff Stephen Jessup told NBC News. There's a chance that some dealers may turn on each other and the sheriff's office could net some arrests.

"They are cutthroats and they will turn on each other all them," Jessup told NBC News. 

Sheriff's deputies haven't arrested anyone through the add just yet, Jessup said. But other law enforcement offices around the country are taking notice. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Kentucky is also offering the "free service."

Commenters on Facebook think the idea may work, mainly because drug dealers aren't always the brightest bunch.

"But seriously," Deb Redmon wrote. "One of them will probably be stupid enough to do it."

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