I-5 reopens near Mt. Vernon after 28-car accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MOUNT VERNON — Northbound lanes of Interstate 5 were closed for several hours near Anderson Rd. in Mount Vernon, following a multi-vehicle collision Saturday morning.

The crashes happened around 8:30 a.m. just south of an ongoing criminal investigation, which had shut down the roadway earlier in the morning.

Washington State Patrol troopers said a semi-truck hauling gravel was traveling south, when the driver crossed the median and smashed into stopped traffic in the northbound lanes.

WSP confirms a total of 28 vehicles were involved.

The semi-truck driver and the first person hit were taken to Harborview with critical injuries. Four others were taken to hospitals in Skagit County, with injuries ranging from broken bones to general pain.

Troopers are still working to determine what caused the semi-truck driver to lose control, but they believe it may be related to a medical condition.

He has not been identified, but WSP says the driver is a 60-year-old man from Everson.


The interstate reopened around 6 p.m..


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      • Judy

        Now don’t ya think after 3 or 4 cars crashing, that all the other drivers would see that and start to slow the F$$K down, just crazy how the domino affect is on highways, I guess we should be thankful for no fatalities!!

        • JCG

          Maybe you didn’t notice the part of the article that stated that the cars were stopped due the backup from the crime scene several miles ahead of them. So they were just sitting there in packed traffic when the truck crossed the median crashing into them. They couldn’t stop or move or anything.

        • meri

          Did you NOT read the article??? It said they believe the truck driver may have had a medical issue that caused him to veer off the road. (Heart attack, stroke, passed out) stop assuming things before all facts are released. Smh

    • Chelle

      So my guess is that ur the jackass that cut him off causing him to lose control because you have it in your useless head that he can stop on a dime.

    • griffonwriter

      Did you even read the article??? wsp said it was thought that the truck driver’s part was due to a medical condition. Nice judgement without reading.

  • Klondiko

    Very important that everyone tailgate and use their devices while doing 70 mph. At least they were doing what they love.

  • junior

    Wait, what??? The semi driver had a medical issue and plowed into 23 innocent drivers… but, but, but I thought government gave those drivers physicals, administered by government doctors, to stop just this type of problem? It’s almost like a commercial truck driver’s license is just about control and another form of taxation… I. Am. Shocked. I tell you.

    • Clyde

      That’s right the FMCSA has been attempting since at least 2011 to institute HOS regulations but the Plutocrats( REPUBLICANS) block these important safety regulations like clock work cuz regulations are bad, so don’t blame Big Government blame prostitute republicans!

      • junior

        So, Clyde, what your saying is, a government program is already in place to stop this from happening, but it just isn’t a big enough government program??? At what point will it be, when we are all forced to live in a bubble and freedom of choice is eliminated? This isn’t even a pre-crime program. This is government predicting strokes, or heart-attacks, or diabetic seizures, or allergic reactions. Even Hillary, with all the access to the very best medical, suffered an incident that, if she were a truck driver, could have led to an accident like this. You may wish it not to be, but this IS an example of big government failure.

          • junior

            Yeah, pre-crime. Don’t tell me you have gone through life not knowing the definition of “prior-restraint” laws? Of course, public education wouldn’t dare teach that… so you may use your ONE mulligan. Now, please stop acting like a crime can exist without a victim. As for being on the dole… I am not, so does that weaken your argument or will you double-down? And does it also hurt your ability to randomly put someone inside a box so you never have to think outside of it?

      • Carlos

        Clyde is right as a driver if I’m late I get docked it’s all about speed , speed or starbuks to hell with safety!

        • junior

          While I don’t disagree with your viewpoint, I am not sure it applies to this accident. WSP has not indicated speeding was a factor. And some medical emergencies cannot be predicted and may come whether the driver is under stress from their job or not.

          • Not Anti Junior

            You are correct Junior and I’m sorry I said your on the dole. I think I now understand “pre-crime program” I thought it ment something else. I won’t double down but But I still think the argument against Big Government is misleading everyone pays taxes and as the population grows so does the damand for services and it seems Republicans are always gaming the system by crying about regulations not about the problems that can’t be controled without them.

    • eric

      Why make something more than it is but anyways a physical doesn’t say that someone’s not going too have a heart attack that’s kinda unpredictable

  • Cheryl

    A very scary situation to be stopped and seeing that truck coming at you and no where to go. Wow what a mess this was. And on such a hot day too.

  • AlfredoKHuber

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  • john m prince

    What a,coincidence.
    A month ago,a sixty year older
    Gentleman, in a gravel truck.
    Drove thru BRYANT. And hooked a 40 foot barrier, pole
    And shot it, thru the wall.
    Sounds like the same,guy.?
    Glad he didn’t
    KILL Anyone.
    Just smash cars.!

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