Illinois zoo investigating employee’s controversial photo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Credit: WGN-TV

BROOKFIELD, Ill. — A zoo in Illinois is investigating a controversial photo that some are calling “racist.”

The photo shows a woman wearing a Brookfield Zoo uniform with the caption:

“At work serving these rude (expletive) white people.”

The photo sparked outrage from some customers and was shared thousands of times of social media.

Zoo officials confirmed the woman is an employee. They said in a statement:

“Yesterday, we became aware of the actions of a single employee which we agree are unacceptable. This employee’s statements in social media are in violation of our policies and do not reflect our institution’s values. We have zero tolerance for these kinds of divisive behaviors. We treat all employment matters confidentially, but rest assured that we have taken prompt action to remedy the situation.”


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    • Simone Hart

      I agree. Every white person I’ve ever encountered is always civil, polite and non racist. I mean really….what is her problem???

      • Amanda

        Yup, just like every other person of every other race is the paragon of tolerance, intelligence, courtesy, and principle.

    • Liza Stancil

      No one can be forced to make a public apology.

      If you mean forced in able to keep her job, then sure. But in an of itself, an adult cannot be forced to apologize to the public

  • d_2

    As mentioned… double standard at its best here. Heaven forbid she would lose her job… Jackson/Sharpton would be all over it.

  • Derek

    she is poor she is uneducated she is a fast food worker
    Um im white my life is better.
    In this capitalistic society glad people think like her. I mean i do not want them to wise up and educated and compete with me. Lets keep giving them phones hell lets throw in internet for free. Lets also give them healthcare with a 12,500 deductible. Anything to keep them from competing with me.

    • john

      Now that’s rasicist and you sir are ignorant. Although she is in the wrong, who are you to call her uneducated? There are many educated Americans making minimum wage. And you’re absolutely right you don’t want educated African Americans to compete with you because there would be no competition and chances are you would be without a career but at least you know that.

    • Richard Halvorson

      Derek- your a Dumbfuck- you obviously did NOT read the article, HAD YOU READ the article, you would have READ she is NOT a fast food worker, but a worker at a zoo! Maybe YOUR the uneducated online troll?

  • Leah

    Where do I start with this one? She was ignorant for posting this on social media and she deserves whatever consequences that come with her actions…now if she was white, I would have the same response. I do want to say this; I work in customer service and I deal with all types of rude people in all different colors and these people are rude for different reasons but I won’t go into that. My point is, when you work in fields like this, it is okay to have points of views like this, it’s just not okay to voice these to social media.

  • Jessica

    😂 stupid even location on and uniform haha.. Don’t have to be white people…. Different racist people are rude not only white depends who you server… Customer server is important… Have to hold your anger in

  • Richard Halvorson

    I’m White, and I have no issues with that statement, however there are plenty of rude black and Asian people out there, so to single out one race shows this person is racist towards white people! Probably would have been better if it just said “At work serving these rude (censored) people”

      • Amanda

        Um…if one race is specified it is therefore racism. It doesn’t matter if the speaker of said comment is black, it is racist. Look up the definition, folks.

  • Makeitrain

    There’s nothing racist at all about her comment. if everyone was rude to her she would’ve said “rude ass people” but instead it was specifically white people who were being rude so she called it like it was. And not to mention the fact that white people are in such an outrage over this but are mum on serious topics like hmmm let’s say white police killing unarmed African amerikkkans…

    • thatguy

      Nothing racist about her comment? But you reference white cops shooting black criminals and instantly they are racist? Well you’re full of shit for staying “mum” about the fact that in most cases the person shot instigated things like assaulting the cops and claiming “black lives matter” but only AFTER officer involved instances. I saw absolutely no “black lives matter” signs for the little black girl killed in Kent a few months ago, but that’s right, it wasn’t a white cop doing the shooting. It was most likely a black gang banger.

    • Amanda

      Martin Luther King Jr must be rolling in his grave. After all, he said he dreamed of a day when a person would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Way to shit on everything he preached.