Teachers in Seattle, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Franklin Pierce vote to stage one-day strikes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Photo: KCPQ-TV)

SEATTLE — Teachers in Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Franklin Pierce and Seattle all voted Monday to stage one-day strikes to protest the Legislature’s education funding, a website for Washington Education Association members said.

Our Voice Washington said there are nearly 7,000 teachers in the four districts.

Teachers in 29 Washington school districts have now voted to walk out to protest the Legislature’s failure to pass a budget that fully funds K-12 public schools.

Several districts have already staged their one-day strikes. On Wednesday, nearly 3,000 teachers in the Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts plan a one-day strike.

The upcoming one-day teacher strikes are listed below:

  • Lake Washington (May 6)
  • Northshore (May 6)
  • South Whidbey (May 6)
  • Central Kitsap (May 7)
  • Granite Falls (May 8)
  • Lake Stevens (May 8)
  • Snohomish (May 8)
  • Franklin Pierce (May 8)
  • Shoreline (May 11)
  • Evergreen/Clark County (May 13)
  • Washougal (May 13)
  • North Kitsap (May 18)
  • Seattle (May 19)
  • Sequim (TBD)
  • Peninsula (TBD)

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  • tootietuttle

    again the liberals mask the money issue by stating “class sizes”…what a nice benefit for the teachers if they throw more money at schools…they will get to fatten their already bloated salaries and pensions.

  • Ardis Hallanger

    This is about the legislature not funding schools for 4 decades. We have the 47th out of 50 (in USA) highest ballooned class sizes in the nation, one of the least funded per student (40th in USA), and education was shaved to the marrow during the recession (4 billion was cut). Teachers salaries are not “bloated”, they are 23rd in the nation for teaching salaries – about average with benefits (which have been eroded and have had no increases in premium compensation in six years, though rates have skyrocketed like everywhere). The people of WA have voted TWICE to lower class sizes in our public schools, the legislature themselves voted for this as well in 2009, for a total of THREE times it has been voted for, and yet the senate wants to “send it back to the voters again”. No wonder no one believes in our government! We need to support our public education and public programs, and fight to reform our tax system so that everyone, including the wealthy, and big corporations pay their fair share -which is how many states with excellent public education systems run it. Not fighting every year to put more taxes on local levies, or a new tax on consumers — do your research and get to the root of the problem – it’s not dedicated teachers wanting big salaries – it’s a lack of stable, adequate funding for our schools, that our state Supreme Court ruled was just not happening – so they are held in contempt of court for not following through with enough funds – THAT IS WHAT IS BEING PRO TESTED!! Thanks for caring about our kids, our schools, our community, and our state!!

    • Ruger

      Ardis Hallagenger, you seem to think it has nothing to do with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? You are ignorant. Keep supporting ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, expect the classes to get bloated. Teachers are part of this problem with their liberal leanings with UNIONS!

  • Ruger

    Guess what teachers, most of you are liberals who vote for unlimited immigration right? You reap what you sow! You vote for illegal immigrants to be in this country, thus their offspring are overloading our schools! Stop your whining, when your part of problem!