Governor Inslee to sign bill changing medical marijuana rules

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) _ Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to sign into law an overhaul of Washington’s medical marijuana market that seeks to eliminate unregulated dispensary sales now that the state’s recreational market is in place.

Among the provisions of the measure Inslee was to sign Friday afternoon is the creation of a voluntary database of patients. Unregistered patients wouldn’t be allowed to possess the same amounts of marijuana or enjoy similar tax breaks that registered patients would.

The passage of Initiative 502 in 2012 allowed the sale of marijuana to adults for recreational use. Recreational businesses have complained that they’re being squeezed by medical dispensaries that have proliferated in many parts of the state.

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  • Frank D.

    To be put on a register is dangerous without HIPPA protection. It would be like getting HIV drugs and no gaurentee for protection for ones privicay. I hope the ACLU picks this one up.

  • APenny4

    For F sake, a registry. We need less government, a lot less government. It is none of their business what I do or don’t put into my body as long as I don’t directly harm anyone else. They didn’t learn from the still failing war on drugs and now they are trying something else. This isn’t their business, get out of the way. We should be free to do any drug we want without restrictions that is called freedom.

      • Sam

        Peety, retail will never have what I need. Massive cbd(s)…Illegal grows will come back under this registry requirement. No one has stated who has access to the data base, how it is to be protected, etc etc…Retail…pfft I have a friend with a spectrometer that has tested a few of the retailers and their stuff IS NOT PURE…these state pukes don’t know anything about nothing.

  • Doug

    well looks like the black market will get back their customer base ! what’s next greed mongers ? hey let’s raise the tax on hart med’s and start a patient registry so we can control and check up on their med’s also , hell let’s register ALL patients and ALL med’s then tax them All 75% , All i want to say at this point is that the PEOPLE voted in Medical Marijuana Long before The PEOPLE voted to allow recreational Marijuana And the GREED MONGERS see nothing but pure profit from that . MMJ patients already pay sales tax on their med’s . but that’s not enough for the crooked politicians in olympia ! Oh and one last note , If you think the price in Recreational marijuana stores has dropped to compete with the black market you yourself must be Stoned .

    • "peety"

      $219 an ounce of certified mold free weed. Smoke your mold and support your gangs if that is what you want to do, but remember, the Government hates competition.

    • Allan

      I’m not sure how much Washington taxes the recreational sales, but I know it’s not 75% cuz it’s only 25% here in Colorado. Also unless the shop owners are a-holes the prices should be comparable to street prices in other states cuz I actually pay less now buying it legally in Colorado than I did buying it illegally in Texas, though to be fair it was $10 more at first. Your also not limited to what your dealer has at that time, you got choices. If your going to try and protest about something get you facts straight otherwise no one will ever listen. One last note, if the state you live in allows the sale of marijuana for recreational use, don’t be a selfish idiot and continue to by it illegally, I don’t care how much cheaper it is on the black market. If you do that than the Federal Goverment won’t ever legalize it and people’s views on it won’t ever change. They’re an end game here and doing things like that will only ruin it for everyone.

      • DieAllan

        Allan, die in a grease fire you ignorant baboon. You don’t know anything about these issues and you are clearly uneducated in general. Stupid people like you should not comment on the internet.

  • "peety"

    disappointing, but what are progressives going to do? Vote for Reichert? LOL!

    the only real issue I see is medical patients in rural communities. With retail prices dropping at or below black market, there should be no issue for city dwellers.

  • LAW

    I totally disagree with a registry of this kind when the Federal government has not passed enough legislation to take Marijuana off their most dangerous drug list. This just creates a data base the federal government can use to mass arrest legal medical marijuana users. This should be a straight up no for a registry.

  • D. T

    the reason that the legal stores are hurting is not the medical stores, IT’S THE DAMN HIGH PRICES, you can get an ounce on the street for the price of 4 grams in a legal store. your outrageously high taxes are the problem

  • dg54321

    Start trying to track people and record their MMJ purchases, watch as they just go back to the black market, that is still very much out there and thriving. This is just a basic tenant of economics; when people find legal routes too aggravating, and the path of least resistance is the illegal method, people will break the law, especially when the risk of getting caught is so ridiculously low.

    Stop penalizing people for trying to be law abiding citizens, and watch as they have no problem with obeying the law.

  • PK

    Why keep challenging, and changing what the people have asked petitioned and won, it is not up to Islee to be the Dr. nor decide the correct prescription. Enough of the political re-do’s because it doesn’t suit what you want, it is the public and what we want. We choose to be independent and make our own choices. Thank You, if you don’t like it don’t use it.

  • Allan

    i don’t really know how things are up there but the prices I pay for recreational marijuana here in Colorado are cheaper than what I paid when I lived in Texas and had to buy it illegally. In most states Ive been to and acoording to most people I’ve talked to the average price for a 1/4 of medical quality marijuana is $110. I pay $95 for it here in Colorado. You were fortunate to live somewhere where it wasn’t so expensive so stop complaining. Second if you have to option to buy it legally and choose not to because you can find it cheaper on the black market your being a selfish a-hole that isn’t looking towards the end game or see how fortunate you are once again to live somewhere where it’s no longer illegal to buy. Also the common misconception people have about marijuana as well as the federal governments stance on it will never change if people keep undermining the progress we’ve made so far and you’ll only ruin it for everyone else.

  • Think about it i dare you

    They just want your tax money and cant handle not getting it in every aspect ITS SICK INSLEE
    YOU SICK SICK MAN hope he rots in hell

  • AbigailDBerg

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