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Coroner: Baby cut from Colorado mother’s womb not born alive

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DENVER (AP) — Authorities say there’s no evidence a baby cut from her mother by a stranger was alive outside the womb.

Boulder County Coroner Emma Hall said Friday investigators found no trauma or injuries to the baby girl, whose mother was about eight months pregnant.

The coroner’s findings support the district attorney’s decision not to file murder charges against the woman accused in the gruesome attack, 34-year-old Dynel Lane. Under Colorado law, a person can be charged with murdering a baby only if there’s evidence the baby survived apart from its mother.

The case revived the highly charged debate over when a fetus can legally be considered a human being.


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  • Julia

    So stupid she should still be charged if it wasn’t for her the baby would still be alive period! Regardless if that baby was alive out of the fetus she should still be charged cuz she tried killing both! Sicko.

  • Jaron Davis

    Where is the evidence that the baby WASN’T alive? A baby isn’t like an adult, or even a child, babies don’t need severe trauma to be killed, especially when born, or in this case brutally ripped from the mothers womb, prematurely. So, you say no proof the baby was alive, again I say, show the me the proof the baby WASN’T alive? Because I bet the mothers OB would argue that the baby was in fact alive. I bet the last ultrasound would prove that the baby was alive. The lady murdered the baby, plain and simple. If you ask me, what she did is just as bad as, if not worse than, murdering a child.

  • incendia

    This is absolutely appalling. There is -NO- evidence to suggest the fetus would not have been born perfectly healthy had the mother carried to term. No evidence to suggest that the infant’s heart stopped beating prior to this assault. If the mother had not been brutalized and the child ripped from the mother’s womb, there is no evidence to suggested the infant would not have survived. Life doesn’t start with the first breath. It starts with the first heart beat. It was a kidnapping, that ended in the infant’s death…That -is- murder and at the very least man slaughter.

  • jessica


  • Josephine b

    Omg! This world is a mess! So this crazy woman who cut a woman’s baby from her womb didn’t cause the baby’s death? Give me a break!

  • pete

    This pro choice or better said self centered women generation must be so proud of themselves. A woman who chooses to keep her baby, but has someone cut the baby from her womb at 8 months pregnant against her own choice is not considered a murderer because a murder charge might upset the ridiculous legal rights of accidentally pregnant woman’s ability to abort their child or better said their inconvenience. What about the rights of that poor innocent baby and the woman who had the baby ripped out of her uterus? Liberals are completely insane with their arguments!

  • Donna

    This is ridiculous. An 8 month pregnant lady, I don’t believe would be carrying a dead fetus inside of her. So, the baby obviously had to die at some point. So sad. The authorities need to be punished as well.

    • truth

      When fetal death occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is called stillbirth. These tragic deaths occur in about 1 in 160 pregnancies (1). Most stillbirths occur before labor begins. The pregnant woman may suspect that something is wrong if the fetus suddenly stops moving around and kicking.

  • Dorothy mendricks

    Of course it’s a human being!!! Get over this will all of you? You were just like that baby once, are you a human being? Charge her to the fullest!!! The Mother lost her BABY HUMAN BEING!!!!

  • Dyan Nelson-Haugen

    Is the Colo. Judicial system for real? W T F are they thinking not charging that crazed lunatic with murder. She cut into another human being with no regard for her or what she was doing to that child. Now the point is, whether the baby was dead or alive? I’ll bet she was before and the sad result of this is a child is dead. So what’s the problem?? Murder 1. and the Death Penalty.

  • Ashley Pawlowski

    So if the mother bleed out and the child was still dead would that be two counts of murder or still just one? This law is stupid I hope she gets death penalty for what she’s done to that family. Special place in Hell for ppl that hurt defense children. I say, fight mother…make the judge see and know your baby was alive til she brutally sapped and cut him/her from your body. There’s babies months premature that live perfect healthy lives… from the monsters lack of knowledge and brutality tour baby died.

  • Qnita

    What a crazy decision! It was nothing else but murder! There is no evidence that the baby would not be a normal healthy child, growing up with her mother!

  • Kathryn Conrad

    I think based on the last Doctor appointment the mother went to where there was a heart beat heart or a sonogram that showed life, that would show the baby was alive in the mothers womb, therefore she should be charged!!

  • Kathryn Conrad

    I feel that they should go back to the mothers last Doctor visit when she had a sonogram/heard the baby’s heart beat and/or saw movement and surely that would show life and charge the woman with murder based on that. She sis a sick person who deserves what she has coming to her. My thought and prayers go out to the mother and her family.

  • errick

    So they don’t consider the baby would have lived if carried full term? And is 8 months not considered to late to have an abortion? Load of shit if you do that to some one you are garbage deserve death penalty cuz she left the mother for dead too screw having that crazy leach the system. End her like she ended the baby and the mothers hope

  • Karla Rudnicki Holland

    That’s Crap! The Trauma of her mother probably killed the baby THUS it would be Murder! How sick! She should be Drawn and Quartered for what she did! Maybe then she would understand MURDER and what it did! In this situation we can not judge her actions only god can but we can make sure she meets her maker to make the ultimate decision! What a Piece of Crap she is! Funny when the Courts and Media wants to bring GOD into it, Its to get someone like this piece crap person off. I say Express Lane to meet him! Let him Judge her actions!!!!!

  • Tabatha

    hypothetically if a pregnant woman were to have an alcoholic beverage after the date that signifies she can no longer get an abortion, she can be charged with child abuse even though the child in question is only a “fetus” why should this be different?

  • Melynda Chaffin

    That is stupid that woman should be charged with murder she killed an innocent human being she should be punished for what she did

    • Kelly Fox

      The reason the attacker is not being prosecuted is because our society has bought into the culture of death. We allow moms to kill their innocent human babies who are alive in their wombs and we called that “choice.” Therefore it’s not a big mental nor moral jump to rationalize away this attack because the baby was dead. We don’t value human life in this country. And we really don’t believe in children’s rights. If we did most forms of abortion should be illegal.

    • Best Man

      don’t worry she will be punished plenty in the hole she is going to. for umpteen years she will be eating [licking] some old muscular bull daggers private parts NIGHTLY. plus most likely broken down and traded [like a commodity] to others horny bull daggers for supplemental income or favors by her new ” female master” for the entire time she is locked up in that prison..justice will be served nightly.

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