Motorcyclist rushed to hospital with ‘life threatening injuries’ after crash with bus

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Motorcycle vs Metro bus

SEATTLE – A motorcyclist is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after a crash with a King County Metro bus early Monday morning.

Seattle Police were called to NE 50th Street and 15th Ave NE just after 6:00 a.m. to reports of the crash.

Police said all directions of traffic at the intersection had to be closed and the rider had to be rushed to Harborview.

Metro spokesman Jeff Switzer told Q13 FOX News that this was a bus on the route 49 run.  Switzer said there were no passengers aboard and the driver was not injured.

It is unclear exactly what happened leading up to the accident.  But Switzer said the bus and the motorcyle crash in the middle of the intersection.

Detectives are on scene investigating.

The identity of the rider has not been released.

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  • dg54321

    And we want to let these bikers split lanes, when they can’t even navigate an intersection without getting smeared on the pavement? No thanks. Keep the stupid ideas in California, please.

    • Doug Lyon

      …and yet California has 30% fewer deaths from rear end collisions because of lane splitting/filtering. That and collisions involving lane splitting involve little damage and less severe injuries. The issue is that we prevent motorcyclists from filtering when cars can’t navigate THEIR way through intersections or from home to work without hitting or nearly hitting bikers because they don’t pay attention.

      It’s counter-intuitive, but lane splitting saves lives, limbs, and time.

      • dg54321

        There is a plethora of video footage that belies your assertion. But you’ll believe what you want to believe, because it’s in your own self interest to do so. So be it. One thing I’ve learned online is that you can’t convince anybody of anything they don’t want to hear.

        30% less deaths from rear end collisions makes sense. Doesn’t account for increased accidents of various types due to lane splitting, but it sure sounds nice taken on it’s own. Too bad actual analysis doesn’t work like that, off one data point.

        But again, I’m sure you’ll ignore the logic behind that and shout from the top of the mountain how much better it is to lane split, despite 49 other states wanting nothing to do with it.

        Anything we can do to PREVENT becoming like California is a win in my book. If people love what that state does so much, they can go back there. But they’re leaving that state for a reason. If only they were smart enough not to bring their mistaken ideas with them when they migrated north.

  • taekovuhoser

    The bus appears to be making a left hand turn onto 50th Ave. Two possibilities, either the bus made the turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle or the motorcycle blew the eastbound stop sign making a left hand turn onto northbound 15th Ave. Maybe the bus driver couldn’t see the motorcyclist due to Metro’s insane policy of using chicken grease (or its equivalent) for windshield-wiper fluid because it is “environmentally

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