Arizona Cardinals fans have to be told not to sell their tickets for Sunday’s game? Really?

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Photo posted on Q13 FOX News Facebook page by Gary Lee.

SEATTLE — Apparently, the Arizona Cardinals fans have to be told NOT to sell their tickets to Sunday night’s critical game against the Seahawks for the top spot in the NFC West Division.

At least that’s how it appears from this tweet from a FOX 10’s Troy Hayden in Phoenix:

When this was posted on the Q13 FOX News Facebook page Tuesday night, some of the Hawks fans responded this way:

— “Wasn’t the red sea parted?!?! Make way for the hawks!!”

“A lot of the people who live in AZ are retired from the Seattle area… dummies we are everywhere…”


— “Wow, why do fans of other teams have to be told what to do? 12ths never have to be told how to act or what to do with our tickets. If they were real fans the media wouldn’t have to say anything.”


— I’m going and I’ve heard 4 buses full of seahawk fans from the seahawk club in az! Go hawks!”


— “They gonna need a lot more then the color red in the stands if you think you’re gonna stop us”
— “This will be the first of two times the Hawks will enjoy home field advantage in Glendale for the rest of the season… GO HAWKS…!!!”


— “A lot of 12’s have had tickets for a while. Too late!”


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  • Ryan

    What a joke! This was posted because tickets are selling for 3 to 4 times the face value. Same way in Seattle when your “loyal” fans sold to cowboy fans and invaded your stadium. if cards lose it will be because we are playing our 4th string qb. BUT if Seahawks lose… Embarrassing!

    • Kathleen Gleason Washington

      That’s funny, I recall beating AZ on Nov 23rd 19-3…,with Stanton leading the team. I understand it’s too painful for you to remember 💙GO HAWKS💚 (and the Clink has never been “invaded” by other fans, obviously there will be opposing fans at every game)

      • Mandy

        Yeah…you did beat us….with our backup QB, it must be to painful for you to remember we came into your house last year and beat you with our starting QB…anyways that comment clearly isnt about win/loss history, it was simply addressing the fact that tickets are selling 3-4 times their value…don’t worry the Red Sea will be there in force and louder than ever!

  • Jaggedfel

    Just more proof that Seattle has the most stuck up fan base on the west coast. The tickets to that game are worth their weight in gold, I would even consider selling them if I had them.

    • ted

      ‘Stuck up’??? Whoaaa, easy there ‘Jag’, nobody is attacking you, this is just sports bantering, like it’s been forever,… don’t take it to seriously, it’s just a game??? GO HAWKS!!

  • Steve Borgman

    Hi 12s: To me this game is more important than the Superbowl. This game has more historical value to me because if AZ wins they not only have home field advantage throughout the playoffs the Superbowl is in AZ, too. This would be a FIRST that a team has hosted the Superbowl at home. AZ is undefeated at home right now, but the NFL and local sports news has not said anything about these facts.

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