Lakewood man recounts terrifying home invasion, opening fire on intruders

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Lakewood homeowner Harry Lodholm talks about the terrifying home invasion he and his wife experienced Tuesday night. He managed to get a gun and drive the three assailants off, fatally wounding one. the marks on his forehead are from being pistol-whipped by one of the home invaders. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — The second and final suspect in a brutal Lakewood home invasion was arrested Friday in Des Moines, police said.

The 17-year-old suspect was booked into the Pierce County Jail on manslaughter, kidnapping and other charges, police said.

On Thursday, the other suspect, 19-year-old Duprea Romon Wilson, pleaded not guilty to the same charges stemming from Tuesday night’s Lakewood home invasion in which a couple in their 60s were hit and tied up before the husband got loose, freed his wife and shot one of the intruders.

A third suspect died from gunshot wounds inflicted by the homeowner.

The home invasion took place late Tuesday night, when three male intruders dressed in black knocked on the door and then forced their way into the home of Harry Lodholm, 62,  and his 66-year-old wife in the 11000 block of Briar Road SW.

He was struck in the head twice with what was believed to be a handgun and then felt the barrel of a gun being shoved into the back of his neck as he was forced to the ground.

"They were looking for weed and money and gold, is what they kept on saying," Lodholm said in an interview Friday night.

One of the intruders kicked his way into the locked bathroom, where Lodholm's wife had been taking a bath. She told the police the intruder had a knife and cut her hand as she was trying to defend herself. She was then dragged out, nude, and her and her husband were tied up with electrical cords in the living room, they said.

"The barrel of a pistol at the base of my skull and threatening to kill me and then one of the guys, speaking of my wife, said, 'Why don`t you just shoot her in the head?' And he repeated that two or three times," Harry Lodholm said.

The assailants ransacked the house and, as they walked out the front door to load up their getaway car, Lodholm was able to free himself, lock the front door, free his wife and flee into the bedroom as the intruders forced their way back into the house.

The assailants were trying to get into the bedroom, but Lodholm had retrieved his handgun from his lock box and warned them not to come in. But two of the assailants forced the door open and he opened fire, he told police.

"They were armed. I armed myself and so I didn`t waste too much time when they broke the door down and started coming towards us," Lodholm said. "I fired two shots. They said, 'We got to get out of here.' They left and within a minute or less the police arrived.

"We thought they (the intruders) were going to kill us," he added.

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The body of one of the alleged assailants, Taijon Voorhees, was later found in a apartment parking lot in Federal Way. Voorhees had two gunshot wounds, one to his lower stomach area and one lower. He had been hit by the shots fired by Lodholm.

Police said an informant who had contact with Wilson after Voorhees' body was discovered said Wilson reported they had been erroneously told by Lakewood gangsters that they would find marijuana and money at the Lakewood homeowner's house.

Despite the terrifying ordeal, Lodholm said he and his wife, Janice, refuse to live in fear.

"I can't say it won't affect us, but we just want to get on with our lives and put it behind us," Lodholm said.








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  • Don

    I don’t like to hear of anyone being killed, but the sad truth is, if one of them hadn’t been shot they may never have been identified for this crime.

  • Ken

    I’d hug you if I could Harry! Way to go. One less thug to deal with. My only wish is you’d killed all 3.

    Breaking your way into some ones home while they’re present and roughing them up like this is about as brutal as it gets and shows the animalistic nature of these kids. Even after their friend is shot they don’t have the decency to give up and get him to a hospital. Send them back to their maker for a do-over they have nothing to offer society. I’d also recommend arresting their parents for screwing up their kids so bad.

  • whatHeGets

    Black or white. Anyone who forces entry into your home while your wife is nude, threatens to kill her, smashes your head in and takes your s*** deserves to be considered HEROIC! I APPLAUD YOU HARRY! That’s what morons need to hear! I’m tired of seeing invasions on the news! YOU DID AMAZING! HE PROTECTED HIS HOME, WIFE AND BELONGINGS!

  • Tom Tee

    My hero. Shame the other two are still upright though. Damned shame. In Australia, this man would go to gaol for longer than any of his attackers and his whole life would be destroyed and he would never recover while the perpetrators would be treated like royalty with every single concession handed to them and then when in front of a judge, the sob stories about hard upbringings would flow like a river, blah bla blah. You’ve got the picture haven’t you? The decent human being becomes far more a criminal than does any nosewipe who crawls the streets thanks to the scourge of the political correctness.

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