City of Everett seizes bikini barista stands, to put them up for sale

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — Bikini barista stands linked to a prostitution bust are now city property. Everett officials sent out notices evicting the operators of five coffee stands in Snohomish County.

In the letters, the city asked the businesses to surrender the stands by Wednesday.

“You know customers don’t go there for the coffee. There is some extra stuff, extra show,” said Carlos Diaz, who works nearby at a tire shop.

Diaz said the coffee stand next to his shop on Highway 99 closed sometime last week. Several others remain open down the street.

“Our goal is to sell these stands to responsible owners who will prevent illegal activity from occurring at the stands,” said Everett spokeswoman Meghan Pembroke.

According to the city, the owner of the coffee stands, Carmela Panico, forfeited the properties after she admitted to running a prostitution operation through the businesses.  As part of her guilty plea, the stands now belong to the city, said Pembroke.

The city determined the operators did not have valid lease agreements for the stands.

The city estimates each coffee stand is worth $3,000 to $8,000.

The City Council will meet Wednesday to discuss plans to fast-track the sale of the stands. Pembroke said several people are interested in purchasing the coffee huts.

“A better coffee shop, you know, something that’s better business.  It gives a better impression to the community,” said Diaz.

Later this year, the city will consider new rules for coffee stands operating in Everett.

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    • alina

      No its not just a boob. Its discussing. Don’t show nothing would be better. And unlike for others, some parents raised there kids without violence and tough us that sex or any nudity is not OK.

  • Brittany

    Really with these comments??
    These places are disgusting. There’s a place for this stuff, and it’s not out in public for our children to grow up around and see daily EVERYWHERE. Go to a strip club or watch porn if you want to see boobs. This shouldn’t be what Everett is known for.

  • Justin Thyme

    Really guys? Do you think the baristas will date you? Why do you keep going back? Go to a strip club! As for the prostitution in the rare case, go to Backpage. I don’t get it. When I accidentally drive up to one of these stands… 1) They get the same dollar gratuity that I give to other stands and 2) I hope there isn’t a hair in my drink. My buddy and I once loaded up the kids into the SUV and also loaded the kids with questions. “Why are you naked?” type of questions. buahahaha!

  • Gigi

    Oh good…I unknowingly stopped at one on 128th st. And was greeted by a girl in a white lace get up. I just kinda shook my head, but I really didn’t even want to drink out of anything she had handled…where have those hands been? Eww

  • alina

    I think its a great idea what the city is doing. There’s no need we should have to see this in plain site. Bikni baristas should be shut down and have just a family friendly coffee stand.

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