Girl bullied at school, told she ‘must want to be a boy’ after cutting hair for charity

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DAYTON, Ohio — A girl who donated more than a foot of her hair to “Wigs for Kids” says she is now being bullied at school.

According to WHIO, Jetta Fosberg came up with the idea of cutting her long hair and donating it to a worthy cause.

After getting it cut, Jetta decided she wanted it a little bit shorter. She says that is when things changed.

Heidi, the girl’s mother, told WHIO that children at Jetta’s school called her was ugly and commented that she must want to be a boy.

When the mother approached the principal about the bullying, Fosberg said, “He told me that he didn’t know of any child that had ever died from words, and that we needed to toughen up and deal with it, and he would deal with it how he saw appropriate which was obviously not the response we were looking for.”

The family has set up a Facebook page and has been overwhelmed with hundreds of responses supporting her daughter.

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  • Jasmine and Jennie McCallum-Bridges

    My Daughter knows how it feels pick on and teased about 8 months and 4 day ago on her 16th Birthday she went in to get her hair cut and donated her hair to the lucks of love. She does this every two to three years been doing this since she was 5 yrs old and every time she gets it done kids at her school picks on her especially this year on her 16th Birthday it was not only a gift to get her hair cut but it was gift to someone else too on that day and she was so happy to do it. the next day she went to school kids started to teasing her, bullied, and call her names.. It was sad to here about it but I was so proud of her she keep her head high and she stood up to them. I am so proud of this young lady, my daughter and any other kids who do something like this to help other kids in need it is a sweet gift you, my daughter and all those are doing and it makes this Momma very proud and happy to see you doing this don’t let them get to you. Thank you and keep your chin up and don’t let anyone tell you any different and I hope you well be doing this loving, caring gift again soon down the road.. bless you little heart sweetie!!!!

    • denise

      yeah that principle should not be working with children at all. I hope other parents stand up to him and demand that he steps down immediately.He should not be in charge of any bodys kids. I pray the superintendent of the school system steps in and does his job and firer his ass on spot


    WOW! this principal needs to step down. If he is not willing to handle things at school like he is supposed to than why is he there? Parents depend on the school and their staff to keep our kids safe from eveything including bullies! Us parents can not be there those hours that they are at school. I think she looks awsome and it is an incredible thing to do for someone her age. Keep your head up and don’t let these little kids that obviously have nothing else to do get to you!!

  • Geoffrey Harris

    Well notice how girls and young women have to adhere to a VERY NARROW conception of what is pretty: slim, white, with long straight (preferably blonde) hair, as well as having suitable facial features and body shape or else they too are likely to be despised. Incidentally she is attractive both ways.

  • Bridgette

    Same thing happened and still does with me I decided to cut my hair and I had a Mohawk but I decided that I wanted it shorter so I evened it out but now I’m kind of regreting it because people call me very bad names like lesbian transgender and others but I can’t say so your not the only one

  • Doug Pauline Larson

    That principal shouldn’t be there at all, he don’t deserve to be ahead of a school, he needs to be replaced.. words hurt just like hitting.. I know this all too well about bullying (had it done to me when I was younger and then our sons went through it). I keep saying to the schools, that bullying should be made into a class that must be taken, called life Skills and to be carried throughout the years of school, more hands on workshops, skits, plays, quiz’s and drawings made by children, Teach our children and give them the skill how to handle and stop bullying and in the case, I would say the principal needs reteaching, bc he’s not a good role model at all
    There is suppose to be ZERO tolerance… no excuses .. I am very proud of your daughter, she’s strong, smart & beautiful. Gooo Jetta ^_^ keep up the good work

  • DeenaH

    I think the school board needs to repremand that principal for starters because he is so far out of line that he should probably not be dealing with children of that age. This little girl who has such a selfless and wonderful sould does not deserve to be treated as she did. I think the whole school needs a “time out” talk about what a great thing she has done for someone she may never meet. But its very sad that everyone in that school from the kids to the adults need a clue.

  • Bobby Dias

    So, now wants to take Freedom of Speach from whoever said that? Naturally will keep on talking after the others lose their ability to speak their mind. Selfish