Grieving mom loses son to hit-and-run, then thief steals his death certificate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RENTON — Kindra Davidson’s 17-year-old son died after a hit-and-run last month. The grieving mother’s purse was full of memories of her son, but it was stolen Monday and she is  desperate to get the items back.

On Sept. 7, her son Andrew was the victim of a hit-and-run just down the road from his Renton home.
Police say the suspect, a 16-year-old boy, was identified by Andrew’s own brother through social media.  Two days later, Andrew died.

“All we really have are just these memories,” said Kindra.

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Andrew's mom says she took another blow when her purse was stolen from her car. It was parked just outside her home on Monday.  Inside were Andrew's belongings -- his debit card, an old Lego club membership from when he was a little boy and, most importantly, his death certificate.

"We are choosing to focus on the good and this little incident, with my purse being stolen, has just brought us back down to feeling kind of broken again", said Kindra.

Kindra is hoping those precious items will be returned, so she can get Andrew back, if only that tiny piece of him that she can carry with her always.

"I don't know how somebody could see a condolence card for a child and take stuff still knowing this family had been through something horrific. I am hoping that good will prevail because I just refuse to let evil triumph in this situation."

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-tips.


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  • ModestPrude (@ModestPrude)

    while I feel sorry for this grieving mother, only an idiot leaves their purse outside of their hands for even a second, anywhere, even in your car in front of your house. and if those memories were so precious, why was she carrying them around in a purse that could be stolen?

    • Sierra

      gee i dunnk maybe so she could always have them with her? and with all that’s going on don’t you think that she could have been a little preoccupied with her mind somewhere else and forgotten that she had left her purse there? you’re the idiot leave her alone.

    • lisa

      Have you ever lost a child? You don’t know where your mind would be only a short few weeks later. I know a few mom’s that have lost children (including my own mother) that have keepsakes in their vehicles or purse. SHE JUST LOST HER SON. To call someone an idiot shows your true character.

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