Thieves break into hikers’ car, find house keys and registration, then burglarize home — 3 hours away!

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A six-day hike into the North Cascades turned one couple’s vacation into a nightmare.

The couple returned to the Hannagen Pass trailhead to discover someone broke into the car through the sunroof and stole the couple’s keys.

What’s worse, the car’s battery cables had been cut, allowing the crooks plenty of time to tear through their house.

“I never, ever thought that they would be this organized, actually,” said victim Adam Cox.

He’s amazed that crooks could add insult to injury, turning a mountain excursion into a disaster.

“We never thought someone would take the address and our house keys and drive almost three hours and burglarize our house,” he said.

After rifling through their car, the thieves used the information on their car registration to hit the couple’s house. They got away with clothing, electronics, camping equipment and bicycles – and the couple’s gold Nissan Pathfinder from the back yard.

“They actually had to change the battery out, cause it was just sitting out there and it hadn’t been driven in a while,” Cox said, “They’re driving around in a stolen vehicle with expired tabs.”

Neighbor Anna Anderson thinks she saw the crooks driving off through the alley in a black Ford pickup filled with Cox’s stuff.

She’s amazed the thieves may have used the car’s registration to track down her neighbor’s house.

“You’re supposed to have it in your car so you’d assume it needs to be there but it doesn’t seem to be safe anymore with that situation,” said Anderson.

“Identity theft is my main concern right now because I may have to deal with that for a long, long time to come,” said Cox.

He added that three other hikers' cars were busted into last week, too. Deputies said crooks got away with someone’s garage door opener.

Police say you can blackout the address on your car’s registration, as long as the vehicle owner’s name remains on the document.

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  • Kit

    They need to position a few rangers or deputies at some of these trailheads to neutralize the thieves (white trash meth heads) as they start to break into cars. This has been going on too long.

    • Hiker Lady

      That would probably require more funding to the parks department and/or police departments. Though I know for a fact that ranger districts love volunteers.

  • Vince

    The law requiring registration in cars is archaic and should be done away with. We already allow electric insurance verification, whey do we need a signed piece of paper in the car? The cops already have that info as soon as they pull you over.

    • The World is Ending

      It’s all about $$$$$ the state hopes that you lose it so the cops can give you a ticket or better yet give you a ticket for not disposing of the old one.

  • The World is Ending

    I say that we need to start hard labor camps for guys like this, how do we get them to work? That’s easy no work no food, just sit in your cell no books, no radio, no form of entertainment at all, just a cell, where they can sit until they decide to work, oh we don’t let them die, that is what feeding tubes are for.

  • Elise

    must of been my Torture Troll Cyber Bully, Producer Lindsay Show, who said They Used to Know Me and was possibly a Friend of mine, Many years ago, in Washington State, there, in Mount Lake Terrace, Washington, (LIE!) up to Their Nasty Little Torture Troll Cyber Bully tricks, Again! (mooch Much?!?!) (Go Out And GIT U Self A JOB, you Nasty Little Torture Troll, Who Cannot Even Spell Worth A Crap, Producer Lindsay Show, you little Nasty! little Torture Troll!) (Yuck!) by the way: I don’t Have Any Friends in Washington State, and I Never Did! (Losers!) (We Are Not Getting Together Again, If Ever, cyber bully Producer Lindsay Show, and I Have Nothing To Give To YOU, Especially Not Financially, because I am Homeless, You Loser torture troll!) (YOU will Not GIT Nothing From Me, Not Ever!)

  • Jason

    Without much effort, name itself is enough to locate the address (using internet). Sometimes I just use internet to find my friend’s address instead of asking them to text me. So blacking out address portion isn’t ultimate solution here (sounds like a joke). I guess not leaving any important items in a car specially if you will be away in remote area.