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Sherman says NFL wouldn’t ban racist owner, too concerned with money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Richard Sherman post game interview

SEATTLE — Those who were afraid Richard Sherman would clam up after signing a 4-year, $57.4M contract with the Seattle Seahawks Wednesday should fear not. He’s as vocal as ever.

Sherman told Time Magazine in an interview released yesterday that the NFL would not ban an owner if they made remarks similar to the NBA Clippers’ Donald Sterling.

When asked by a Time Magazine reporter if an NFL owner made similar comments, would commissioner Roger Goodell react in the same way as the NBA and ban Sterling, Sherman was blunt in his response.

“No I don’t,” He told Time Magazine. “Because we have an NFL team called the Redskins. I don’t think the NFL is as concerned as they show. The NFL is more of a bottom line league.”

Richard continued to say he hoped the Sterling incident could help spur some change in the league, pushing them toward changing the Redskins’ name.

To read the Full Richard Sherman interview, click here.

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  • The World is Ending

    This is still America and we have something called freedom of speech and Donald Sterling can make racist commits if he wishes. I have one question if one of the black owners made similar commits about white people would everybody still be worked up? On that note Doug Sterling is an Assh*** but then Assh***s come in all races sexes ages sexual identity and preference. But Sherman is right it is about the $$$$$, and the reason Sterling has not been forced to sell the team is he can just lay low for a year or two until this all blows over and quietly apply for reinstatement.

  • jeff

    I could care a less about what Sterling said in his own home. That said, Sherman is absolutely right about the NFL being a bottom line league. Of course, I'm guilty of supporting the bottom line league. The draft is worst the NFL can give its fans. The draft is all about money and meat. I hope those who are drafted can have some perspective going forward.

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