Police: Mom praised for saving son from home explosion admitted to setting the fire

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Burned oxygen tanks were found in the aftermath of a home fire and explosion in a Puyallup home on April 1. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

TACOMA — A Puyallup mom who firefighters called a ‘Superwoman’ for saving her son from a house explosion earlier this month has been arrested for allegedly setting the fire.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said Thursday that Melinda ‘Mindie’ Sayers confessed to the crime during an interview with detectives and she was arrested.

Sayers appeared in court Friday and pleaded not guilty to first-degree arson. She was being held in lieu of $200,000 bail.

The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office said she also presented false insurance claims and collected insurance money after he allegedly burned her home.

Her story tugged at many hearts, leading to thousand of dollars in public donations to her and her family.

But the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said the community, the media and even investigators were duped by Sayers.

Earlier this month, Sayers described how she and her 2-year-old son escaped from a fire just seconds before oxygen tanks exploded in their home.

“This window right here, I opened it up, kicked the screen out, put him out, threw my cell phone and jumped out the window. Two seconds later, there was a huge explosion,” Sayers said of the April 1 explosion.

She said a leaking oxygen tank caused the fire, ruining most of their belonging,s including the nursery set up for their baby girl Abigail, who was born three months premature and hospitalized with a severe brain injury.

“Now we have nowhere to live. We have nothing for her (Abigail when she is released from hospital). You know, it’s really hard,” Sayers said.

Troyer said that wasn’t true.

“She did admit that she started the fire by lighting a candle and opening up the oxygen and lighting the furniture on fire, which fueled it really quickly,” Troyer said.

The oxygen tanks were set up for Abigail. After months at the hospital, Abigail was scheduled to come home but police say the mother was overwhelmed.

“The reason that she gives is that she was busy, did not have time, or the desire, to take care of the kid,” Troyer said. “When you eliminate the place where your child is going to go, you eliminate the problem.”

But the baby never made it home. Shortly after the fire, Abigail died at the hospital. The family’s heart-wrenching situation had people opening up their wallets. One fundraising website had already raised more than $32,000 for the family.

Troyer said that money will be seized as they continue to investigate the defendant’s past.

“Finding out she has a past fraud, and an RN (registered nurse) and never told anybody and she is well versed in medical gear,” Troyer said.

In 2013 the nursing commission charged Sayers with unprofessional conduct. She was accused of falsifying patient records and filling prescriptions for herself without a physician’s approval.

Investigators say Sayers’ husband, Chris Sayer,s had no involvement in case.

Family members told Q13 FOX News on Thursday that they are standing behind the defendant and don’t believe she set the fire.







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  • suspicious

    The death of her daughter needs to also be looked into…a child who was considered healthy enough to go home…then the house burns…then she dies…hmmm…pretty damned convenient for this “mother” and an RN to boot? one who didn’t want to take care of a sick child. yeah…I wonder…did she have her daughter cremated? she would know how to inject and air bubble and how to hide any evidence of that….anyone who would risk the safety of their 2 year old…scam the public…admit she didn’t want to take care of a sick kid…is capable…bet me they are investigating as we speak!

  • Wanda ODell

    It's so easy to believe everything the media puts out there… Abi was NOT a healthy baby by any means. She had 2 shunts in her brain to drain fluid, a tracheostomy that breathed for her, a pace maker to keep her heart beating and a feeding tube in her belly. She was also on anti-seizure medication. Mindie literally was living at the hospital to be by her side. She was not a mother that couldn't be bothered. Abi's heart had stopped many times in the previous months and Mindie as well as Chris refused to let the doctors give up on bringing her back. April 2nd she suffered a major heart attack and doctors were powerless to bring her back anymore. Over the previous months the hospital had put Chris and Mindie through classes to take care of all her issues. The goal was to bring her home. Mindie did NOT kill her daughter.
    I don't know what made her think that setting the house on fire was a good idea. I don't understand it any more than the rest of the normal people out there. I feel very betrayed and extremely sad that Chris and Eli have become victims all over again.