Golden Tate: Seahawks contract offer was ‘laughable’

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Golden Tate, right, is now a Detroit Lion. (Photo:

SEATTLE — Former Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate,  who signed with the Detroit Lions last week, said the contract offer from Seattle was “laughable” and it upset him that some fans turned on him for leaving, reported Tuesday.

In an interview on 710 ESPN Seattle, Tate said he felt fans expected too much when he said he was willing to give the Seahawks organization “a hometown discount.”

“I didn’t mean a 40 percent discount,” Tate told the ESPN radio station. “I’m going to earn in one year at Detroit what Seattle was going to pay me for two years. Seattle offered numbers that were laughable. I thought, ‘I’ve given you everything and this is what you give me?’”

According to ESPN, Tate signed a five-year, $31 million contract with Detroit.

ESPN quoted Tate as saying, “People are starting to show their true colors. I think the world of the 12s [Seahawks fans], but there is a large group who very quickly turned on me. It kind of bothered me because I felt like I gave everything I possibly could to the city of Seattle.

“I was out in the community and I played my tail off every game. And I helped bring the first ever Super Bowl [championship] to Seattle. I don’t care who you are. If you have an opportunity to earn way more money in another city, you’ll leave in a second. Every single person in the world would have done what I did.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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  • Brenda

    After the Super Bowl was won, Golden said "I will take a pay cut to stay in Seattle" so sad that my #81 jersey is worthless now :'(

  • Doug

    honestly, we are not talking peanuts here… I don't know what Seattle offered, but lets say Golden only plays 5 more years. If Detroit offered double, thats a 15 million pay cut. Cmon fans, can you really blame the guy??
    Good luck Golden. I will miss you. GO HAWKS

  • Joe Camel

    The editor on this site is obviously bias and has no basis for not posting my reply. You know this site wreaks of fascism. Whiners!

    • aaaaaa

      They really edit political comments. I've ran assignments in class to demonstrate media bias, where a student selects a news piece, and we track the edits/ deletions of comments. q13 is the worst of the 4 major local news outlets, but they all do it to some extent

      • Guest

        What are you talking about? This is the only news station that allows open commenting from anonomous users and is the only site that allows commenting in their app. You are right tho, almost every news network is biased… toward liberal ideology.

  • Skip

    There's always new talent coming up to do the job. Who can blame him for going for a higher salary? The weather in Michigan is awful for sports and day-to-day living.

    • Joe Camel

      People are terrible at negotiating, you don't offer to take a home team discount to stay in the first place. That in itself set him up to be low balled. If Golden Tate was smart he would of got ahead of the situation and played it this way.

      "I want to be a sea hawk, but a man has to look after himself and the welfare of his family. Nothing is guaranteed in life hopefully we can work something that is equitable for both sides of the coin."

      Anywise just saying, maybe he needs better PR rep, Tate I am here for you man!

  • Patty Lessley

    I'm sad to see Golden Tate leave the Seahawks & leave Seattle :-( I loved watching him play football and I am very glad he was a part of our Super Bowl winning team! I wish him nothing but the best <3

  • Goober

    Professional athletes are hired guns and have no loyalty to their temporary job location. They get traded by the team owners like pieces of a board game. How many Seahawks actually live in the Puget Sound area? Go for the dough! Will the Hawks make the playoffs next time?