Greenwood man gunned down while out for a walk

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GREENWOOD — David Peterson was a popular guy.

At 6-foot-2, he was a bear of a man, yet gentle.

He was smart, kind, generous, compassionate and funny.

David Peterson Christmas 2010

David Peterson and his wife, Kimberly, in 2010. (Photo courtesy of family)

He’s a man who will be missed.

Just after 9 p.m. Sunday, Peterson’s wife says he was out for his nightly power-walk.

But this time his routine was interrupted.

Witnesses reported seeing Peterson arguing with several people as he walked and talked on his cell phone.

Police say Peterson called 911, saying he was being robbed.

“We heard a sound that I immediately blew off as kind of just a bag hitting the floor. Sometimes they fall off the shelf so it wasn’t any big deal,” neighbor Scott Sackerson said.

But a few minutes later Sackerson and his co-workers found it was a big deal.

“We had a police officer knock at the back door a few minutes after that so we assumed then when we came out to see the scene that it had been probably a gunshot,” Sackerson said.

Witnesses reported seeing three people run from the scene.

Only a vague description was given, unfortunately; a tall, thin black man, 20 to 30 years old, wearing a North Face jacket, one short black man and a white woman.

One of them was believed to be the gunman.

“Police said he’s still out there so we were going to our cars, walking to the bus stops and we didn’t know so it is disconcerting,” Sackerson said.

“It’s kind of terrifying.  I had no idea.  I just found out about 30 seconds ago.  I live right up the street. I work right around here.  I walk at night by myself so it’s kind of disturbing,” neighbor Arianna Lang-coonbs said.

Peterson was married to the love of his life for 22 years.

Kimberly Peterson is a staffer at the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Spokesman Dan Donohoe released a statement saying;

“The King County Prosecutor`s Office is deeply saddened by the death of David Peterson.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to his wife, Kimberly Peterson, who is a staff member in the King County Prosecutor`s Office.”

“I think it’s crazy for being in Greenwood and these new storefronts and stuff.  It feels really safe and well lit so it’s really surprising that no one knows anything,” neighbor Lynn Gallob said.

There is a significant and very visible police presence in the area; officers on foot and in cars.

I spoke to Kimberly Peterson Monday night in her home.

She said the only thing she wants right now is for her husband’s killer to be brought to justice.

If you can help police, call 911.

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  • ModestPrude

    while I feel sorry for this widow, honestly, who in their right mind goes walking after dark these days? I don't rely on the police to keep me safe, I rely on only going out during the day, and keeping a constant eye on every single person within 100 feet of me. and I never just open the door, always look through the peep hole and if I don't recognize the person, I simply ignore them. this is not 1956, it is 2014 and we live in a dangerous world, people! just because you live in hippy Greenwood does not make you safe!

  • Joe

    This is why nobody really cares about the race bating phony Travon Martin thing… This is why Travon Martin was shot, nobody, not even Mexican Like Zimmeran can trust them in the dark.

  • Joe

    Criminals are now emboldened because the media and liberals have tied the hands of our police departments. The criminals will continue to run the streets untill the public has had enough and chooses to support their cops instead of their thugs.

  • I Don't Believe It

    Hah! WCV? What a load of rightwing, wishful thinking BS. What a hoax. Yeah, right. Go ahead and stir the pot. Next thing you know we’ll have race wars in the streets, even though you make it sound like it is only the criminals of all colors that have to fear the WCV. This ain’t the 1880’s, pal!

    • Sure: You Don't Believe It

      Yeah, you’re right … Whatever … It’s a hoax (*wink*) … believe whatever you want to believe. If something like the WCV were to exist, it would remain hidden and unseen anyway, right? I suppose you could think of it as a sort of anti-virus program, protecting society and running in the background. Forget everything about the WCV, since we’ve determined it does not exist, although something similar will probably now spring to life … Somewhere …. someone … MADE YOU THINK.

      • Let's Be Reasonable

        Look, this isn’t the time to even hint or suggest that vigilante behaviors might even be a viable option. That doesn’t improve conditions. While it IS true that innocent people of all colors are in more grave personal danger because of the long-term political direction of this state, but it won’t matter to those in this region who believe in the ideals of the foolish caricature of progressivism that passes for political thought in our state. So, we WILL get feckless, foolish, ineffective protection. Learn to live with it. Stay in at night. Carry a legal, concealed, permitted pistol. Study up on your rights and obligations/responsibilities as to Castle Doctrine. Practice sensible proxemics (I’m always armed and alert to “hinky approaches.” I’m also a crack shot, to protect myself and other law-abiding innocents. But I won’t go out and look for trouble — for bad guys, even for the best intentions. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Another Reasonable Voice

    Now that some have settled down after heat-of-the-moment passions, let’s look at this in a big picture way. Crime in this region has increased dramatically, it can’t be denied. It affects just about everyone in some fashion or another, often multiple times. This is unacceptable and leads to often surprising turns of political direction within cities and states when conditions get bad enough. Too many people are affected for this not to happen. It steamrolls. It builds. If the liberal progressives don’t figure out how to protect as well as they pander, they will lose the political support of enough voters and destroy their substantial power base due to their own ineffectiveness. People won’t stand by to watch too many innocent grandpa and grandmas get gunned down outside strip malls for as long as some liberals think. People WILL hold you responsible and throw you out of power.

    And here’s a juicy political tidbit that C.R. Douglas should explore: the inherent tension between Satterberg’s office (since the widow of the murdered man works in the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office) and Washington governor Jay Inslee, who has over-reached (perhaps not legally, but an awful move) in putting a moratorium of the death penalty as long as he remains in office. Well, Jay … since that has a very practical result in the non-deterrence of crime, making us all even more unsafe … YOU are going to explain your PC-pandering positions over the graves of crime victims and their families. Remember, though: crime victims may live with a heavy heart over what has been done to them, but they don’t forget to vote! Frankly, if Gov. Inslee does not now reverse his position on the death penalty, it’s like he’s poking his thumb in the eye of Satterberg’s office. I think Inslee didn’t think through his new position carefully enough. Wow, LOTS of political danger there, and for all the right reasons!

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