People speak out on safety in downtown Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

metro bus shootingSEATTLE — Safety is still on the minds of many after a shooting in broad daylight on a crowded metro bus in downtown Seattle. A lot of folks we spoke with are concerned about safety in downtown and specifically on metro buses.

This was ignited by a scary incident Monday morning. Martin Duckworth shot King County Metro bus driver Deloy Dupuis twice at point blank range. Police caught up with the gunman minutes later shooting and killing him.

Dupuis is walking and talking. He seemed healthy and in good spirits yesterday. We caught up with him and his wife who says they are spending time together and relaxing between his doctor visits. Dupuis was the only person Duckworth shot but folks worry about their safety when they board a bus. Metro

Megan Moilanen works downtown. She said, “After yesterday’s incident I have debated getting some mace or pepper spray but I just don’t make eye contact with anyone that seem they might be threatening.”

Ellyce Shulman also works downtown. She said, In the morning I don’t take the bus anymore because walking down pine really early is just…i’ve had some bad experiences.”

Mayor Mike McGinn points to statistics that show a significant decrease in crime over the last few years in downtown. McGinn also says more cops are on the way and they will be pounding the pavement this time next year.

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  • Joe

    They're worried about safety downtown, just wait , Obama’s cronies at the highest levels are now scheming to forcefully integrate all neighborhoods in America with “you know who….”. God I’m glad I will die of old age before this nation is totally lost and ran over.