Tighter security at Sounders FC home games

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

soundersSEATTLE – Soccer fans attending Wednesday night’s Seattle Sounders home game will see something new when they enter CenturyLink Field.

Security staff will use handheld metal detectors at all home games beginning with Wednesday’s match vs. D.C. United.

The Sounders are encouraging all fans attending the game to arrive early to help get them through the new security measures.

“Our first priority is to ensure a safe environment for Sounders FC fans at CenturyLink Field,” said Sounder FC President Peter McLoughlin. “This is the same program that was implemented at Seahawks games last season. The process is smooth and moves quickly.”

The new security measures include:

-Fans will be asked to remove all metal from their pockets and hold the items in their hands as the screening is conducted.  This includes coins, keys and cell phones.

-If fans have any concerns about the use of a metal detector due to medical reasons, the enhanced pat-down screening procedures can be substituted.

For more information visit SoundersFC.com

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  • S.W.

    This poorly planned and executed attempt at increased security was very frustrating and unnecessary . Several fans booed as they stood in long lines as the kick-off fireworks sounded. Then, somebody decided the measure wasn't necessary after all, and the loyal, paying, generally well-behaved fans were spared further frustration.

  • David

    the worst attempt at security ever. All when there was no need for it anyway. Lines were so ridiculous that they abandon the process after the game started and just let everyone in with no check.

    Bottom line: it is not necessary in the first place. Just another attempt to program people that it is okay to be searched anywhere, anytime, for any or no reason whatsoever.

  • David

    This was not anywhere close to same security measures that are in place for Seahawks games. I am a season ticket holder for both Sounders and Seahawks. The lack of knowledge and the ability to keep the lines moving was ridiculous for an organization as large as First and 10. I am all for fan safety and security but, is this really necessary? Obviously not if 10 minutes into the game the decision was made to abandon this security measure and just let the die hard paying Sounders Fans into the game to support the team we love so much! The is one way to really piss off the BEST fans that MLS has to offer. Get this fixed before upsetting anymore loyal fans!

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