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Most Edmonds School Board members leaning toward school uniforms

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LYNNWOOD — School uniforms are a hot topic in one school district. Tuesday night, the Edmonds School Board delayed a final ruling. They say they need more time to clarify some of the wording in the policy. So far, however,  most of the members are in support of school uniforms.

uniformsStudents and clothes, no matter what age, they have their own style.

“We want to express ourselves, show our character,” said Lynnwood High School student Cuong Le.

The Edmonds School District is the latest to consider whether uniforms are the right fit for their students.

“Schools that have uniforms, students do show achievement,” said Cedar Valley Community School principal Charlotte Beyer.

Beyer believes uniforms will create less distraction in the learning environment and also shrink the cost for families living in poverty.

“When we have families in poverty, that puts an extra burden on them,” said Beyer.

The majority of students at Cedar Valley receive free or reduced price lunches. Most parents surveyed at the school support uniforms.  Parents at other Edmonds schools say there shouldn’t be a choice to begin with.

“It’s an issue for private schools, it shouldn’t be a choice that the public schools should have, it’s kind of ridiculous they should be focusing on other things for the school district,” said parent Tony Tarrelli.

DJ Jakala, a spokesperson for the district, says it will be up to the parents at each of the 34 schools to make their own decision.

“The way our school district is pursuing this is that it is a school community by school community decision,” said Jakala.

If you ask Robert Bacon, he is all for it.

“I like the structure I want the kids to be an individual but I also like that if a kid cannot afford Nikes they don’t feel like they are different from any other kid,” said Bacon.

Robert Bacon’s son Steven goes to an elementary school in the Tacoma district and already wears a uniform . Bacon says other districts should follow Tacoma’s lead.

Steven says he is bored of wearing the same look to school everyday but a 2nd grader in the Edmonds district was not worried about individuality.

“They just brag to me that they have the fanciest clothes so I want to wear a uniform so they cannot keep bragging,” said the 2nd grader.

If the board approves school uniforms it will be 2014 before any schools will implement the new policy. The school district says  at least 75% of parents at each school will have to support uniforms before a school can require them.

Even if a school votes yes, parents can still opt their child out by signing a waiver.

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