Boeing sends layoff notices to hundreds

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

boeing sc dreamlinerRENTON — The airplane manufacturing giant Boeing sent layoff notices to 253 workers Tuesday, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

According to the paper, Tuesday’s layoff notices were the third set of pink slips from a company that is planning to cut a section of its workforce.

The layoffs largely affected extra engineers and technical workers, most of them hired to work on the Boeing 787 or the 747-8 airliner. Hundreds of workers were hired to design and engineer those products, but Boeing is cutting back since the work has largely come to completion.

Previously, the company has said it could eliminate 1,700 engineers in the Puget Sound this year, the News Tribune reported. Some workers may find other jobs within the company or choose to retire.

As of April 30, 2013, Boeing employed 85,488 workers in Washington.

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  • Skip

    This is a good example of how unpatriotic large American companies really are. Large corporations don't really care about America–just making a buck on cheaper labor.
    Boeing is talking about moving these jobs to Russia. Isn't Russia a communist country that steals our ideas and technology at every opportunity? Aren't the Russians giving Mig jet fighters to Syria so they can bomb Israel? Boeing is going to lose some shareholders over this dumb move.

    • jeff

      It's not Boeing responsibility to provide a retirement, healthcare etc…. Retirement and healthcare are part of the expenses it takes to hire workers who can produce a product. The product Boeing offers depends on the demand of the product. You're correct that Boeing is unpatriotic, but that's not the point, the point is how can Boeing maximize their profit margin. A larger profit margin means someone is buying the Boeing brand. It's simple economics.

    • jeff

      Companies are not there to just give away social programs to those who work for them. The objective of any company is to make a profit. Why do companies have to make a profit, so they can stay in business? This isn't about being patriotic, it's about self interest and being able to increase the profit margin. The vote the machinists made was about the same thing. Unions have an obligation to the dues paying members, that is to protect their interests such as wages and other benefits. It's all good, because the union voted to not have a contract extension after 2016, and Boeing is searching for another place with less cost to their profit margin. Tell me where I'm wrong. Private defense contractors such as Boeing sell planes to countries who are not friendly to our interests, so why do politicians allow this to occur? Think about it and get back to me when you have an answer, the Boeing being unpatriotic won't cut it.

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