NBA decision day: Will it be Sacramento Kings or Seattle Sonics?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — There have been plenty of rumblings the past few days but no new indication of which way the NBA Board of Governors will vote Wednesday on the sale of the Sacramento Kings.

The league’s Finance and Relocation Committee held a conference call Tuesday, but no details were released. The panel unanimously voted last month to recommend the NBA keep the Kings in Sacramento, and so far that’s stayed the same.

However, on Tuesday, a lawsuit was filed in Sacramento Superior Court alleging that the city has broke the law on several fronts in its proposed arena deal — a key factor for the Kings to remain in Sacramento. Meanwhile, another group says it plans on launching a ballot initiative to stop the arena funding.

NBA commissioner: Decision on sale of Kings could be weeks

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  • guest

    NBA Board of Govenors = Capitalist State…whomever owns the BB team should be able to sell it to whomever they want…In a "free market" society…this is obviously NOT free market….The Question to all you BB fans out there in Seattle: would you go & pay for tickets to see them play without the "Govenors" approval?..Let free market decide……

  • Kings4ever

    Dear Seattle, you do deserve a team, just not this one… If you want the sonics back, go talk to OKC. Remember back in 2008, when you’re city officials dropped the ball? Sacramento isn’t doing that… We’ve done everything asked of us and more. Tell your billionaire he can take his 625 million dollar offer and call around. I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding someone willing to let their team go. We’ve been trying to buy this team for years from the maloof’s… And all they’ve done is use you to get a record price from sacramento. They know how the league works, and they agreed to the bylaws when they became owners.

  • JustMe

    Dear Kings4Ever…

    dont't believe the media hype… Most of the ENTIRE STATE of WASHINGTON, except a small portion of idiots in seattle and the billionaires throwing the mone aroundy, could care less about getting a basketball team back. All it ever is, is a headache for traffic and another way for the city of seattle, king county, and the rich owners to have citizens pay more and more taxes to keep them here, play for new arena, blah blah blah. And most of the people will never go to a game! And thats why most of the state can't stand seattle politics. So in closing… PLEASE KEEP YOUR TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!