Woman allegedly bragged she had killed 82-year-old sex offender

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

mary1EVERETT — Bail was set at $1 million Monday for a Marysville woman who is accused of stabbing to death an 82-year-old man in his mobile home last month and then bragging that she had killed a sex offender.

The woman, Delaney Wood, 28, was already in the Snohomish County Jail on an unrelated charge. But was arrested again Sunday for investigation of first-degree murder, robbery and motor vehicle theft.

The victim, Arthur Schroeder, was found stabbed to death in his ransacked Marysville mobile home on Jan. 25. His pickup truck was stolen and later found burned in Arlington.

According to court documents, a police informant that helps with drug busts told police on Jan. 30 that Wood had been bragging about having killed a sex offender.  Schroeder was a level one sex offender, convicting of sex crimes against underage girls in the early 1980s. He served 18 years in prison.

Police said Wood lived in the same mobile home park and knew Schroeder and had spent time in his trailer and that she said he had made sexual advances toward her.  She told other witnesses that Schroeder had drugged her and then raped her with a broomstick.

According to the court documents, various other witnesses told police they had seen Wood driving a truck similar to Schroeder’s after Schroeder’s slaying, that she told one person that she was “killing the old man,” and that she had said she had gotten $200 from the trailer and a safe deposit box key with a box that had $20,000 in it.

No court date was immediately set.

Police said there may be other arrests in the case.

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    • anonymous

      I heard the horrible news this morning. I was one of his step daughters for many years and was well treated by him. His downfall started after his divorce from my mother. I just want people to know that although he was flawed he paid the price by going to prison and was just trying to live the rest of his life in peace.

      • dale

        Somewhere between his divorce from your mother and his death last week, he angered someone enough to get stabbed 'multiple times'. He may well have been trying to 'live the rest of his life in peace'. He may also have got caught up in a random robbery that went horribly wrong, but then again, he may have reverted to old behaviors. dale

        • anonymous

          “But then again” if he hadn’t reverted to his old behaviors does anyone really think he would have been savagedly stabbed to death for something that happened 28 years ago???

      • anonymous

        He was a friend of my parents and tried to abuse me when I was 10 years old. That was in 1961! I was able to get away from him but he scared me to death! I'm wondering if he ever stopped abusing young girls. At my young age I thought he was going to kill me but he let me go but threatened me if I ever told my parents.

        • anonymous

          Food for thought…in his daughters latest interview (yesterday) she stated that her 31 year old son stopped by his grandfathers to visit at 1:30 am found his grandfathers body and went home to tell his mother. They live close by. She and her son returned to trailer and then called 911 at 3:00 am. My question is why didn’t son call 911 when he discovered body on off chance his grandfather might still have been alive. Why did it take victims daughter and her son 1/2 hours to contact authorities?

    • anonymous

      Yes..Delaney Wood your lifetime cell is waiting for you – along with the other 2 – 3 cells for your friends who were involved in murdering him and helping to cover it up. They will be arrested soon. Too bad you won’t get what you gave. So glad you were ignorant enough to brag about it!!

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