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I’m outta here — can I take my parents ride?

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askacop-new-version2Q: I’m 19 years old and my parents gave me a truck. It’s under their name, but I have the title. I’m leaving the state soon. Just wondering what happens if they wanna call the cops? Could I get in trouble?”

A: “Jaime, the registered owner of the vehicle – the person that’s listed on that title – is the owner to that vehicle. So, if your parents have given it to you, you just have them sign over the ownership so you can get it transferred into your name. In Washington, you can do that at 18, so probably your state’s the same. But, if you take that vehicle out of state, and for some reason they do report it as stolen, it is their car – unless it’s registered to you.” — Washington State Trooper Julie Judson