Everett City Council declares medical marijuana a nuisance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

marijuana310x177EVERETT, Wash. — The Everett City Council declared medical cannabis a nuisance Wednesday evening, suggesting medical pot likely presents issues with public safety, odor, public welfare and the protection of minors.

Medical marijuana, for which there is an affirmative defense under state law, was deemed to be a nuisance by Everett. The nuisance ordinance bars collective garden’s from operating inside Everett city limits. The measure will expire after 18 months.

The vote by the council came in anticipation of the expiration of the city’s moratorium on medical cannabis collective gardens.

The ordinance was passed in part, city officials said, because, “the city lacks the necessary tools to address associated impacts of medical cannabis activities and their effects on public health, safety and welfare.”

Any violation of the ordinance is subject to law enforcement and financial penalties.

Area patients who feel strongly about medical marijuana said the vote is a controversial act, and could likely lead to legal action against the city.Medical marijuana patients said the ruling goes against what voters of Washington want.

Earlier this year, the Washington State Supreme Court put a stay on a Kent ruling banning collective gardens.

The nuisance ordinance made no mention of I-502, which legalizes the recreational use of marijuana in the state.

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  • paul abbitt

    everett city council is draconian stuckups interestested more inbecoming bellvue north than anything else, the ordinaces of anouance because you are poor or not are kind of american is still alivee and well in my hometown that despises the working class of the past for empty million dollar condominiums that fell flat on the face of the nfailed vision of the very people out of step with the voter but goose stepping with the country club

    • Carrie Coyle

      For one, your comment above is hardly legible. For two, I consider myself of the working class. I have a permanent back injury due to literally back breaking work for years of my life and I am happy with the ruling of the Everett City Council. I HATE marijuana! The stench makes me sick! My neighbors smoke it on the second floor and it FILLS my apartment and makes me want to vomit! Not to mention I have young nieces and nephews over often who do not need to be breathing it! I do not care if others use it but when I can smell it or someone I love is harmed due to a high driver, or if my nieces and nephews and myself are breathing it, then I care. Why can't it just be legal to take in pill or edible form? Then we could breath in our own private space!

      • Joe

        You are complaining about someone's right given by the Constitution. You live in an apartment, that space is not yours. You rent. If you do not want to smell the smoke then move. That is a choice that you have. They are doing something that the voters approved and you are complaining about it. Oh and just so you know, any pill form takes longer to become active and give a person relief if any. Smoking gives almost instant relief for those who use it for medical purposes. Even eating takes the body time to digest. Too many towns are turning into Yuppy Ville with snobs that think they are better than everyone else. I say all pot smokers should light up outside your house because they can and there is nothing you can do about it so stop whining about something that is legal or move. Either way, it goes against what voters approved and hopefully will be stayed just like in Kent. So it looks like you better start looking for another Yuppy Ville to replace your current RENT because I say to your neighbors SMOKE UP!!

        • Eric

          see joe that doesnt help the cause at all. That is being a nuisance. If you smoke your pot and live in an apartment be respectful and go out on the deck. People dont respect their neighbors anymore and thats why this is acceptable to label it as a nuisance. Even though the nuisance is disrespectful people. Carrie has the right to not have her space that she rents which makes it hers temporarily. Just as the police cant enter it without her permission even though she is renting it the landlord cant supercede that right neither can the police. It is common sense. Just fucking respect your neighbors and they in turn will respect you. Carrie understands that people do this but as she said do it in your own space. Get a vaporizor instead. smoke outside. Just use your head and be smart.

      • Chris Edens

        Carrie: Move then!

        I bet you have no problems breathing in the carbon monoxide from cars, buses, trains and the like. Perfume makes me want to vomit but I'm not crying about it or supporting some draconian idea to ban everything or label it a nuisance. I suggest we label the Everett City Council and nuisance because it is obvious they ignore the will and vote of the people.

    • Michael

      Okay, so here we have a tragedy that may or may not be cannabis related. Someone stepped into the middle of traffic, and the driver might have been high earlier. This smacks more of a "See, we told you so!" instead of an actual case. There is a lot more to this case, and we'll see how it plays out in court over time.

      One other thing to consider – this in on case of Marijuana DUI so far. How many alcohol DUI's were caught the same night? How many other people have died due to an alcohol impaired driver?

    • tim

      That accident could easily have happened to a sober driver. I'm sorry it happened but pedestrians that step out in traffic should know better–esp. at night.

      • eric

        yeah the cross walk was like 50 feet away too. This idiot could have saved his life by being more careful and cautious. What i read was the first person slammed on their brakes and he had no time as the person walked in front of him to stop.

  • Jeff

    Everett is an S hole, the police department is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. It just sounds to me like their trying to clean up the cities image by doing absolutly nothing. (Exactly what they do now). I dont see how medical marijuana is a nuisance, all of the dispensaries are delivery services so it wont exactly change anything.

  • guest

    what an opportunity for anyone with a video recorder and a note pad. Yall better start fighting back; and start comfronting these people at these city council meetings.

  • Travis

    If an adult over 21 years of age can imbibe that family wrecking, liver killing, poison called alcohol , then I should be able to smoke my herb.

  • portable vaporoizer

    I totally disagree that medical marijuana is a nuisance. Any negatives it does bring are surely outweighed by the positives for those whom it is the most effective, and in some cases ONLY effective medicine. Anyway, if we’re talking about nuisances, then surely alcohol tops the list? And what about all the pain and crime brought about by highly addictive prescription opiates?

  • portable vaporoizer

    I totally disagree that medical marijuana is a nuisance. Any negatives it does bring are surely outweighed by the positives for those whom it is the most effective, and in some cases ONLY effective medicine.

    Anyway, if we’re talking about nuisances, then surely alcohol tops the list? And what about all the pain and crime brought about by highly addictive prescription opiates?

  • Jerry

    I agree, everett is a S*hole, and the Moral Minority City Council does nothing to clean it up. How about closing the Slut Huts–oh, I'm sorry, bikini barista stands. If ONLY they wore bikinis. God forbid the kids get a whiff from a joint, but naked women on our streets, that's OK?

  • Lisa

    If you think about it, alcohol takes a larger toll on our society than pot. Look at the human destruction of alcohol and having bars in cities serving drinks that intoxicate. Most everyone gets into a moving vehicle after drinking in a bar and drives impaired. Look at the number of people leaving the Tulalip casino on Friday or Saturday night. That risk is way more costly.
    Don't we need to use logic in our society rather than prejudice bias

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