Stand-up comic Katt Williams arrested outside Seattle bar

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

katt williamsSEATTLE –Micah “Katt” Williams, a 41-year-old stand-up comic and actor who has performed in movies such as Friday After Next, was arrested Sunday afternoon following an alleged assault, Seattle police said.

Officers were called to the World Sports Grille near 9th Avenue North and Westlake Avenue around 2:30 p.m. to investigate a report involving Williams and a bar patron. According to the Seattle Police Department, Williams, who was in town to perform a show at the Parmount Theater, exchanged words with patrons at the bar and brandished a pool cue at the bar manager. Williams also allegedly flicked a cigarette at a woman in a car.

When officers tried to arrest Williams, he allegedly struggled and refused. He was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of assault, harassment and obstruction.

The embattled comic was also contacted by police Friday, Seattle police reported, after a different altercation with fans. Williams claimed three fans attacked him and tried to take a photo of him after his show. Police made no arrests, and Williams told officers Friday he was going to cancel his Saturday night show and head out of town.

The Seattle Times reported that Williams skipped his scheduled performance at the Paramount on Thursday, angering customers who paid up to $55 for tickets.

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  • Mike

    I always knew this lil foo was gay. he trying to get locked up for the past year so he could cell up with with Big Perm n get plugged up

  • KJ

    He came into a casino we were at Thursday night, wearing a motorcycle helmet, but he was driving a hummer, he drove off wearing that helmet. WTH

  • Linda

    Poor guy, he will may never come back to visit us here in WA. He's still is funny, when i feel sad and need a laugh to pick me up, I love him on Friday :-)

    • Dee

      Poor guy there is a major problem going on with him; he had several problems when he was in Sacramento recently too. He solely created his own problems there after performing so there is something mentally going on with this guy.

  • Liz Frits

    Just cause you’re Rich & Famous, Doesn’t make you ANY BETTER Than us!!!! You seemed like a Pretty Rad Person, Apparently I was Wrong,—- Kat you’re a Punk Ass (Little) Bitch!!! Money & Fame Doesn’t Make You or Anyone Special!!

  • ocean

    Most of us have a relative or friend on drugs… It makes you do out of character things… I never discarded my people, I offered help! The brotha needs help, not everyone riding him like this.. If he was your cuzzin or brother or uncle, would you feel like this….. Grow up and say a prayer for him…

      • Juanita Porter

        White people wat y’all on Meth and crank y’all ant no better so like I said get off the dock and stop hating its not healthy boo boo y’all all got fucked so stop crying about it Seattle is weak and gonna stay that why would it have been different if he was touching kids like u crackers or if he was white man y’all need to stop its done and over fagets..

    • Juanita Porter

      Y’all keep saying drugs but weed ant a drug its a plant that God made so get yo facts together be4 talking Seattle people dumb ass hell lol drugs i done heard it all ahaa y’all just mad cause he smacked the hell out of the white boi then rained on y’all punk ass SEATTLE Fagets lol..

      • Ummmmm

        Uhhhhhhh….please get real….Weed does not make you act the way he is acting….I guess unless it's dipped in wet or something. He is definitely doin more than weed. I'm sure if you've read anything else about Katt on the internet, It is not just Seattle people who think he's on drugs…. You're in denial

      • ME.

        You're calling us "dumb as hell" sweetheart, you can't even type a correct sentence, much less speak one. You're right, weed isn't a drug, but crack is.. so…. get your facts straight. Once you learn how to communicate like a proper human being, I then believe you have the right to comment on situations. You are making yourself look like an incompetent person.. sorry.

  • vaughn serious

    Fuck all you marks dissing seattle eat a dick..if the truth hurt don’t read..he a crack head suffering psycosis he need rest and help..but he chooses to go out in public and front..don’t get shit twisted he lucky he didn’t get laid down … don’t let the color fool you…oh by the way I’m black..seatown born and bred 206 fo life.

  • random

    Haha. I come to cali, he gets arrested. Then he goes to my HOME and gets arrested. Sad man.
    Don’t hate on Seattle , our city isn’t the fuck up he is. And we don’t consider weed a drug either, we legalized that shit. Crack IS a drug.

  • realist20sicc

    You know it had to be one of these haterz, black, brown or white, running around here all up on his nutz and got mad cuz they felt they were dissed cuz he didnt give them proper attention. Keep it 100, separate yourself and kick with the real playas of the game, grab a few chicks, do what you do, and watch from outside. Real talk.

  • Literate

    Your grammar is a tad off Juanita. Here, let me help;

    Boo-hoo, cry me a fucking river. Seattle people spend far too much of their time complaining and are continually making people look bad. Just let this incident go and credit it to that category of 'it is what it is".

    There you go. Stop making yourself look bad girlfriend.

  • seatownmama

    Wow, I used to think he was funny. Now he just needs help for his addiction. Come on man get it together. I know easier said then done, but get it together.

  • Katy importa

    Ha! These comments are funny! the guy obviously has some issues, but who doesn’t, his mug shot is hillarious, he came to seattle to make people laugh, mission accomplished :)

  • yo daddy

    Haha they do let you smile when you get locked up. And who here has never gotten in an altercation? I’m sure we all have at one time or another.

    Yo Washington, quit crying over your lost money. You got played, and that is it. you where wasting $55 to start with instead of spending it on something productive like a bag of weed since its legal and all out there.

  • Kiki

    He's seriously on one, I was not as impressed with Fridays show as I usually am with Katt. I think he's funny, anyway the folks he brought were real funny lol. Katt reminds me of someone who is bipolar, with anger management issues and he smokes to calm his nerves cause he is so hyped up.

  • J

    I was at the Friday performance in seattle and it was funny as hell “Pops”was ther and everyone else was hella funny the people that were talking shit got thrown out and the dude that was recording Katt got hit in the head with the mike he should of put his phone away when asked I will see katt if he comes back to Seattle.

  • colleen e donohue

    Kat keep ur head up don’t let the haters get to u….. just because someone is famous doesn’t make them unhuman he got issues just like everyone eles.. amagine all the stress he has to be a certain way to make everyone happy. He needs ppl to be there for him insted of ppl having there hands out and talkin shit cuzz it dint go down the way they wanted…KAT U ALL GOOD TO ME..I AM SEATTLE RAISED AND NO HOW STRESSFULL LIFE IS JUST CUZ HE FAMOUS AND GOT MONEY DON’T MEAN HE CAN’T BE HUMAN AND MAKE MISTAKES….. SO EVERYONE TALKIN SHIT SUCK HIS DICK….. LOVE YOU KAT KEEP IT REAL…… from someone who apreciates u kat. COLLEEN DONOHUE

    • Guest

      I'm sick about hearing how people "with money" makes mistakes. Girl, do you know what dignity is. Don't get caught up in that bull. Making people laugh comes naturally and he ain't got it. He ain't nothing but a nappy head wanna be. Those small roles he had on Friday didn't get him an Oscar. Stop with the excuses.

  • Bossbitch

    If your of sound mind you can see he has some addiction issues so as fellow humans we should be compassionate to his plight he’s going through something only he understands and needs to know that no matter what he has done all the mistakes made that he has a second
    chance to make amends

    I was at the Friday show and it was so disturbing I wanted to cry for him
    His management needs to call off the rest of his tour and check him into a rehab today not any rehab but one with a top of the line mental facility
    To deal with both parts of his addiction
    Then he will see that life can be lived clean and sober with no relapses in-between

    But if you ever see this Katt I love you
    Your the funniest comic in the world
    You have a friend in Christ ive been praying for you everyday and I’ll keep praying for you
    When all else fails call on GOD he can hear you

    People let’s have some empathy and compassion we don’t know his struggles


  • st. timothy

    After reading all this garbage. . . I have a better understanding as to why O'Bama was re-elected President. The Republicans used too many big words and asummed they were talking to an educated and informed voter. God give us the strength to endure this host of ignorant thugs amoung us. Bring down a giant swarm of locuts to feed upon their drug infected bodies and return their swollen remains to the land of their ancestors and Kwanza!

  • Guest

    Katt Williams is rude and obnoxious. Saw him coming out of a "beauty supply" store. He is rude as hell. I would NEVER waste my money on him. No home training and he is NOT funny at all. What a loser!

  • ME.

    You're making your self look like an idiot.. I hope you know. You need to go back to school and stop hating on all of us that actually make money & are mad that some crackhead made us waste it.

    • Sass

      sounds like a nigger is writing this… Nigger + stupid person no matter what color… oh I'm White pure breed with a white man… who Respects all races, creed and colors…

  • Jmk

    It isn’t just Seattle he’s acting all crazy in…. Oakland & Sacramento (last week he slapped a target employee in the face , made a scene @ a hotel, & took off down K Street going the wrong direction of traffic on a 3 wheel motor bike being chased by cops and almost running down a bunch of pedestrians) got off the bike took off the helmet and screamed “I ain’t gonna stop!” Then took off again…

    Crazy fool he’s just costing himself a lot of money pulling all this crap, & loosing respect too!