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The reason behind the #22PushupChallenge

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A new fitness challenge is blowing up online to raise awareness about veteran suicide statistics. It’s called the #22PushupChallenge.

It is fairly simple– you do 22 pushups for 22 days straight. You post a video of yourself doing it and every day tag a new friend, asking them to join in.

If you can't do 22, just do ten or five or however many pushups you're capable of doing.

The reason behind 22: the Department of Veterans Affairs says 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder plays a big part.

The challenge was started by the veteran empowerment group Honor Courage Commitment. The hope is the public support and appreciation can help veterans cope.

The NYPD is even joining in on the challenge.

WE CARE FOR OUR MILITARY VETERANS The #NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau's Critical Response Command (CRC) accepted the #22PushUpChallenge and in return, they challenged another elite NYPD unit, the Strategic Response Group (SRG). The #22PushUpChallenge helps raise awareness of veteran suicide. Recent research states 22 veterans commit suicide each day. By participating in this, we hope it will raise awareness of the help and services that are available to our veterans. If you are a military veteran and need help, call Veterans Crisis Line: 800.273.8255, press “1” The NYPD participating in the push up challenge is part of #TalkToMe, our campaign during Suicide Prevention Awareness month (September). Learn more at NYPDnews.com/TalkToMe

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But don't let them scare you off! Everyone is encouraged to take part in the challenge, no matter where you are.

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