Housekeeper rescues kittens from a home in Federal Way

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FEDERAL WAY – A housekeeper finds sick cats living in deplorable conditions. She couldn’t walk away from the mess. So she called around the state, looking for help.

Bree Del Negro is hoping this kitten will find a new home soon, but she’ll need a lot of medical attention before that can happen.

“She has worms and respiratory problems.”

The kitten was one of six that Del Negro was able to rescue today. Del Negro had been hired by a contractor to clean a home last month. When she went in, she found litters of kittens under several pieces of furniture.

“I had pulled one or two out and they were just crawling with black fleas.”

She tried to call animal control, to see if something could be done.

“No response,” she says. “I left a message, no response.”

Del Negro started reaching out to rescue organizations across the state. She says she couldn’t stand the idea of the helpless animals trying to fend for themselves.

“It’s just not an option, they don’t deserve to suffer.”

She finally convinced the homeowner to let her take the animals. Then she asked Kim Koon from Pasado’s Safe Haven in Sultan to come along. Koon wanted to make sure the homeowner wasn’t guilty of animal cruelty.

“He was kind of disregarding them as not important,” she says. “So we’re glad we could get them out and get them help.”

Koon says with some time and care, the cats will recover. That wouldn’t have happened if Del Negro hadn’t acted.

“Her tenacity and dedication to this case, it’s truly uncommon. I encourage people to keep their eyes and ears and noses open. Everyone has to work together to help the animals, they can’t speak up for themselves.”

Del Negro is just glad these cats have a chance for a new life.

“They are beautiful, and hopefully they’ll be for adoption soon.”

Q13Fox talked to the homeowner who surrendered the cats. He said the cats were strays and he’s glad someone will take care of them now.

Del Negro says she hopes pet owners will spay and neuter their animals, so cases like this don’t happen again.

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