Feds, state cracking down on illegal practice of extracting hash oil from marijuana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE -- Federal and state authorities are cracking down on the illegal -- and risky -- practice of extracting hash oil from marijuana.

Federal authorities have now charged seven people who they say caused explosions and fires that put the public in danger.

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1 Comment

  • John

    Please fact check, there is nothing in the RCW or anywhere in state law that states it is illegal to manufacture hash oil. The exact process is used to extract lavender or cayenne pepper oil for pest control. If they want change this they need to get the legislature to do so. Yes it is illegal on the federal level but so is buying a gram at 502 stores. This is fear mongering but it is for a good purpose. People should leave these types of dangerous extractions to professionals that utilize closed loop systems and have adequate ventilation and safety gear. I feel for all the victims and believe the people that caused damage should pay for the damage they caused and the danger they put their neighbors in. I cannot stand officials that twist the law and make erroneous statements to fit their agenda. If you want to do something productive then make a law that prohibits these extractions instead of wasting time and resources charging people for crimes that are not technically crimes at all. The only reason this became a crime is because the feds stepped in. Manufacturing any controlled substance is illegal on the federal level. That is exactly why the Puyallup charges were amended. First it was “Illegal manufacturing of THC” “UPCS” and “UMCS” and multiple counts of reckless burning. Now it is amended to Reckless Burning because the original charges of manufacturing hash oil (THC) weren’t actual charges that were in the law books. Please, highly paid elected officials, play by the rules or you are no better than the criminals you put away. Utilize the legislature to keep people from “blasting” in their backyard, create the same limits on butane that are on sudafed. No butane no blasting….jeez