Police: Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking in custody

WATCH: DE Michael Bennett on why he’s staying in Seattle & his dance moves

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Michael Bennett Interview PT 1

Michael Bennett Interview PT 1

RENTON, Wash. — In an exclusive Q13 FOX interview broadcast Tuesday night, defensive end Michael Bennett said he decided to sign a contract extension with the Seahawks instead of seeking more money on the open market “basically because of the fans. I love the fans here.”

Q13 FOX Sports Director Aaron Levine reminded Bennett that before signing his extension, he received widespread media attention for saying he wouldn’t be giving Seattle a hometown discount on his extension because “this isn’t Costco.”

So why did he change his mind and sign for less money?

“I decided to stay, basically, because of the fans,” Bennett said. “I love the fans here. Sometimes money can’t buy happiness, the way I’m happy in Seattle, especially with all the players I get to play with … if it takes a little less (money) to be successful, sometimes it’s worth it.”

Here is the full Part 1 interview:

As the official home of the Seahawks, Q13FOX News has been granted exclusive insider access all season long.




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  • JpH

    1) It's Ravishing Rick Rude, not Ric Flair.

    2) Why do you not provide the part 2 of any of these interviews? There's no way to watch them that I'm aware of.

    3) The sound on these interviews is terrible. I have to strain at max volume. Of course, the ads play fine. The streaming is choppy as well.

    Please continue to do these interviews, it is great to see conversations with the players off the field. Would love to see longer sets, but first, please address the sound and playback for everyone's benefit.