Prosecutor: Mother watches as toddler son ingests meth, does nothing as he dies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.




SPANAWAY, Wash —  A toddler is dead and his mother now faces manslaughter charges because prosecutors say she watched him ingest meth and did not call 911.

Prosecutors filed first degree manslaughter charges against Alyia Iverson, 26, of Spanaway Tuesday.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist released a statement after charging calling the case sad, tragic and avoidable.

“Parents are supposed to protect and care for their children,” said Lindquist. “When a helpless child dies from drug poisoning, there needs to be accountability.”

Prosecutors say a number of people were doing drugs inside the Iverson’s home in early December of 2012 when they say she watched her two-year-old son drink from her bong water.

Instead of immediately calling 911, prosecutors say Iverson swaddled her child in a blanket and put him on the bed around 1:00 a.m.

By 3:00 a.m. investigators say the child was no longer breathing and only then were paramedics called.

Prosecutors say the baby had no pulse and was so stiff paramedics couldn’t even open his airwaves to try and facilitate breathing.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors said the child had fixed and dilated pupils, multiple bruises as well as dirty fingers and nails.  He was pronounced dead 15 minute after arriving at the hospital.

The Medical Examiner later determined the child ingested THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and enough meth to kill an adult.

Prosecutors say Iverson has a history of smoking meth in her children’s presence as well as not properly feeding and even physically abusing them.

Iverson was expected in court in Pierce County Tuesday afternoon.

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  • sandra

    yes jesus did this is so sad why did this happen and how can someone that is a so called mother do this to her baby i dont get it i am a addict in recouvery from pain meds and weed and i would never have my kids around me when i was snorting my pills or smoking weed i would wait until they were asleep or i was not at home in my active addiction that is so sad i pray for all those out there in active addiction.

    • kymber

      i call bullshit… are you really in recovery? or are you trying to get the courts off your back. recovering addicts don't pass judgments on others… as an addict who has friends who are addicts, we've all made mistakes involving children. whether you did it in their presence or not the chemicals seep through your pores… Yes she is a freaking mother, she gave birth! as an addict you should know some lose their mind, so obviously she couldn't consciously make parental decisions. Alyia has to live with this and will be sober to relive it everyday. as a recovering addict, pray for addicts to accept they have a problem, pray for addicts to make a conscious decision to choose their addiction or parenthood.

  • Jessica

    I went to school with this girl…she always been trash but doing something like this?! It’s unforgivable…so sad.

    • Krista

      I have his remains I have fought for two years asking why Cps ignored our calls why no one charged until now ? Nathan did have family who cared and loved him and love his sister and want her ! The worker for Nathan is still worker for his sister ! They still were letting the parents see her with no clean UA up to present time ! DSHS is as criminal as my cousin Alyia

  • Sarah

    If this mother was known for neglecting and not properly caring for and feeding her child(ren) why was he in her care in the first place??!

  • KmD87

    Alyia was spontaneous and a thrill seeker. Trashy is a little harsh… We all have our own journey with strengths and weaknesses. She is a mother and will be an incarcerated grieving mother. Unfortunately her weakness has taken her precious child. She will weep over this for ever… do her a favor through prayer or whatever! But don't slander her name because you knew her in high school. CPS, DSHS, State of Washington, and drug manufacturer's are also at fault…. FYI CPS wasn't there for Alyia in high school when our drug use started booming, and running around with people old enough to get us wasted.

    • Jason

      No. Trashy is the wrong word. Murderer is the correct word. She killed her child. Period. She will be an incarcerated murderer. You can dress a pig up. But its still a pig.

      I love how you're blaming CPS, DSHS, the State and the drug manufacturers. They all held her down and made her do those drugs. They also told her to let her son drink something that would kill him and just wrap him in a blanket. It is NO ones fault but her own. She will get what she deserves and hopefully a little more. Her life was already over when she started to use. She ended the life of someone who didn't even get a chance.

      • KmD87

        Say it how you wanna say it, but Murderer = criminal who commits homicide (who performs the unlawful premeditated killing of another human being) She did not plan this out. I'm not saying she shouldn't have punishment. But yes I will blame CPS, DSHS, WA STATE, & DRUG MANUFACTURERS! They let millions of kids face the world with Zero direction how to live as a law abiding citizen. Her life wasn't already over, but people with opinions like yours (to each their own) just throw any hope for sobriety in the trash… The drugs took over her yeah, but in my f-ed off opinion: the kids better off where he is now. If he became a ward of the state he'd be in the same boat as other foster children and kids with no role models to admire and follow throughout life.

  • Cannabliss

    So the infant drank bong water and ingested meth? Or was she smoking Meth through her bong?

    THC would not kill the baby, but either way, how could you see that and not go to the emergency room right away!?

  • rose

    Good mothers are selfless.they do what it takes to be good moms…stay sobor watch who is around generally care about leaving poisons lying around food shelter ect.All this addiction shit is an excuse and I have no sorrow for anyone who doesnt put thier kids first.That in itself mskes you a shitty selfish person.Killing your kid makes you a failure there is no coming back from that.The choice to use meth is murder.She murdered that baby.He deserved better then what he got.His “mother”failed him cause she isnt really a mother.A real mother doesnt kill or endanger her babies they come first always.

  • 3238

    Yea yea yea she was a meth addict & so was I for 6 year & an alcoholic. I don’t judge those who use drugs but when it comes to something like this then hell yea I will. Recovery there’s no need for recovery programs, I quit all on my own. Cold turkey both meth & alcohol & I did it for my kids & so they can have a better life and a sober mother. I agree children are enuff for an addict to quit. What I don’t get is how can you just assume your baby is going to be ok? How can you not take hom to the hospital, how can you let him die like that? As an addict I know what it does to an adult & I couldn’t imagine what it will do to a baby. I agree a child should always come first. No matter what you shouldn’t be so weak minded where you can’t quit for ur kids. you can’t blame anyone for your addiction but yourself, nobody MAKES you do it, nobody put a gun to her head or your for that matter! She had a choice whether or not she wanted to use just like I did! She did have a choice to take her baby to the hospital but chose not to & probably because she wanted to continue to get high. Just like ppl say its so hard to quit, no it’s not especially if you want to & if your love for you children is stronger than the love of the drug or alcohol. Such a tragic story & the baby yes is in a better place but they way he died is horrible. She could’ve put him up for adoption to a couple that are worth having a baby. She is still resonsible for her baby’s death so therefore she is still a murderer…she allowed that around her baby knowing it was wrong and something horrible can happen. Even when ur high u still can think…

    • Mz. Beaverhausen

      I just wanted to say that your comment in reference to this tragedy was quite well worded. I think that it gives insight that addicts/recovering addicts and non-addicts alike can benefit from. I am usually the one who comes up with the right words to convey precisely what I’m needing to say but you beat me to the right words on this one.
      this story made me so emotionally distraught that I couldn’t even think of how to express what I’m feeling over it.
      it’s just …. so….. not…..*sigh*