Mariners say Jay ‘Bone’ Buhner’s Texas slang misheard on Internet

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Jay Buhner #19

Jay Buhner from Getty Images

Jay Buhner #19

Jay Buhner from Getty Images

SEATTLE — Ahh, Jay “The Bone” Buhner. We love his funky, country-fried calls as a guest broadcaster for the Mariners on Root Sports.

But apparently, sometimes his phrases can be a tad hard to decipher.

With two outs in the 5th inning of last night’s Minnesota Twins vs. Mariners game, Twins center fielder Sam Fuld drove a Chris Young pitch just over the fence in right field for a solo home run that just escaped leaping Mariners right fielder Michael Saunders.

As Mariners broadcasters Rick Rizzs and Mike Blowers replayed the solo shot, Buhner — who is a frequent guest on the broadcasts — spoke up about the deceptiveness of the home run, and talked about how Saunders’ mannerisms of appearing to fake a catch closely mimicked something Fuld did to Saunders the night previous.

“Fuld did to him last night,” Buhner seems to say. “Kind of tricker-you’d him as he was waiting to see if it was a home run or not.”

Tricker-you’d? According to Jay Buhner via Mariners Public Information Director Rebecca Hale, tricker-you’d is slang Buhner grew up using in Texas.

However, a Vine user heard the call as “tricker-Jewed.” The video was quickly posted on Reddit, where some users were fast to deride the call. Even Seattle Times reporter Geoff Baker allegedly misheard the comment.

But Hale said Buhner was flabbergasted that anyone thought he might have uttered an anti-Semitic phrase, and he meant nothing of the sort.

“He said tricker-you’d,” Hale said. “Jay in no way meant to insult anyone. He’s scandalized that someone would think he would use an anti-Semetic word.”

Hale said the Mariners are more than comfortable with Buhner’s explanation of the saying, and don’t believe anything sinister is going on.

“I know Jay,” Hale said. “He was adamant he didn’t say that. And I know he’s not that kind of guy.”

Baker seemed fairly convinced by Buhner’s explanation.

A Q13FOX News Facebook commenter seemed to further confirm Buhner’s explanation, saying residents of North Texas say “tricker-you’d” or a version of it frequently.


It’s certainly not the first time Buhner has used some slang that has rarely been heard before. Heck, even last night, Bone said, “If it’s dead red, let it go. Can’t get a rat by the cheese if you are hunting it.”


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  • Ron Claver, Jr.

    I thought Jay Buhner said, “You can’t get Cheesed by the Rat, if you are hunting it.” I take that as meaning that a hitter can’t be struck out by the pitcher if he is actively trying to put the ball in play & not leaving the ball on his shoulder.

  • Shank

    Gimme a frickin break! Is that all people have time for anymore? I watched it, I heard him, I heard it the way he said it, I did not see a need to try and twist his words into anything evil or ominous. shit like this is what's wrong anymore — Jay is a Seattle Icon and people just look for a way to bring anyone down so they can get a little publicity