Seattle Times bans Redskins name prompting praise, outcry

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Wild Card Playoffs – Seattle Seahawks v Washington Redskins

Redskins file photo from Getty Images

SEATTLE — The Seattle Times is banning the use of the most controversial name in pro sports, saying the name “Redskins” will no longer appear in its pages.

Calling the ban “past times,” the Times joins other notable media outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Slate, Mother Jones, and noted Sports Illustrated writer Peter King in banning the name.

The Times admitted outlawing the name from it’s pages wasn’t the the most popular thing to do, but realized it was right.

“We’ll probably receive scathing emails, letters, phone calls and reader comments telling me we’re too PC, that the name actually honors Native Americans or that we have no right to change a team’s official name,” the Times’ Sports Editor Don Sheltron wrote. “We’re banning the name for one reason: it’s offensive.”

Previously, the Times allowed the name once per article and kept it out of headlines and photo captions.

The debate, long contentious, has heated up recently, as a court lifted the patent carried by the team. Even on the Times’ website, ideas on the ban are varied.




What do you think? As Q13 FOX News enters the NFL season as the  home of the Seahawks, should we ban the use of the name? Let us know!

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  • henryandeliza

    if it was the Washington Japs, or the Washington Niggers, or the Washington Chinks……hm………would the name have been allowed for so long?

    • Joe Camel


      you don't get as as an American Native and all my family we relish in the REDSKIN name it is not an offensive but a badge of honor, get a life and mind your own business.

  • guest

    This is not up to the times or any other news group to decide. it is the teams name and has been for years. Nothing offensive about it. And I AM part American Indian. so tired of a group of people latching on to something and pushing it on everyone. What has happened to America ?

    • Joe Camel

      They need to walk in my moccasins before trying to tell me what is offensive and what is not.

      I tell you what is offensive, going back on treaty after treaty taking more of land and resources and enabling poverty and addiction among my people. Our lives were harmonious with our nature until the know it all Caucasian came to steal kill and destroy, for truly Caucasians have done evil wickedness upon us so don't be surprised if it comes back full circle to bite ya in the arse!

      The reason you don't hear us as a people complain about atrocities like some other people whom have suffered at the hands of the Caucasians, is one were are wise enough to know that would fall on deaf ears, second we know the Great Spirit will bring a day of reckoning and we won't have to lend a hand to see but pray for mercy for those who have tresspassed against us.

  • squaw14

    How come 90% Native aren't against? Who is Seattle named after? Guess you better change your name. This politically correct has gotten so very incorrect. 4 Natives named the team- daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Again gov't taking things away from "We the People" Guess team at Navajo High School will have to change their name to make it politically correct instead of Redskins!

  • Owen Johnson

    Having grown up in a different era, much worse names and terms were commonly used, and not always with offensive intent. Political correctness has, in some cases, overtaken common sense. That being said, if Native Americans, who have been mistreated and forgotten throughout our history, are offended by the name it should be changed. And if in the meantime the Times wants to avoid using the name, that's up to them. Although I wonder what they're going to call the team; calling them just "Washington" doesn't work in Husky Town. Maybe just "DC"?

  • Joe Camel

    I have native american ancestry, in fact my father is registered Cherokee Indian.
    This is about Caucasian folks and their never ending quest for PC.
    It would not surprise me if someone like our silly man hungry mayor, Patty Murray or another in office put pressure on local business to make such an asinine move.

    Sad very sad, I am a proud of my redskin and its an honor to be referred to as such especially by Caucasians.

  • Karen

    Absolutely ridiculous – I'm so tired of people trying to elevate their self-righteous sense of who they are by tearing down honor and the spirit of others. It's not an insult, you idiot (that's an insult), it's an association with something/someone who possesses honorable qualities to which we (a team) aspire to. Get over yourselves already. I hope the REDSKINS go on to have a perfect season and almost make it to the super bowl – I wonder how long the PI's REDSKIN name ban would last if they couldn't print a headline. So much for objectivity in the news. I would cancel my subscription tomorrow, if I was numb-minded enough to have one in the first place.

  • ShadowWalker59

    I could care less, because I don’t read your lousy paper anyway!! REDSKINS!!!! Gotta love it……..and the team. Now, I’m really gonna wear my REDSKINS jersey’s and flaunt the name in front of ALL of those who even begin to be politically correct!!!! Go………………REDSKINS!!! I grew up with that team, and and it was the name of our team long before any of those politically correct coward bunnies were even born, and………………..REDSKINS, it will remain!!!
    So go cry, bitch, moan, scream, grit your teeth, whimper and bellow like cows, because it just will not do you any good, and if the name upsets you………………….GOOD!!!!! That makes me very happy, simply because you’ve then made MY day. While living in Montana………I NEVER found even one Native American who thought the name disrespectful, but then……………what do Washingtonians know!!!!………….especially some ignorant woman politician. You can bet your sweet bippy she won’t live in DC and shoot off her mouth about changing the name of that team………she does so in the relative safety of the great NW!! She lives here in Seattle, and being ‘politically correct’, she is trying her best for votes………..but being an obammy puppet………..she’s not gonna make back to ‘serve’??????. I see a……..LOSER!!!!